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    Ok, I was under the impression that Jack is one of the most overused names ever. But I just realized, in all the places I've lived (Texas, New York, and Colorado) I have NEVER met a Jack. Never heard someone call for Jack. Never heard the name Jack in all the conversations I pass. Never met anyone related to a Jack. Or Jackson, or Jax, or Jaxton.
    So, is it really that common? How many Jack's do you know?
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    Jack has been in the Top 100 in the US for 15 years, and in the 30s and 40s for more than 10 years. So yes, I'd say it's common, even though I personally only know one Jack who's in the 25-30 age range. I think a lot of times people assume that their surroundings and environment is a perfect reflection of a greater area as a whole, which is simply not the case.

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    Despite it's popularity, I have only met one Jack, and it was a nom de plume rather than his proper name. I can think of far more celebrity Jacks than Jacks I've known personally.

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    I've only ever met one Jack and he is a teenager. I've never come across a little Jack either (I'm in NY). I believe its popular but maybe its more of a spread out popularity? Jack is a pretty classic name so I could see it being widely used but not overused like some of the trendier names, if you get what I mean. I plan on using it as my first son's name regardless of popularity, though. I just love the name
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    There are two Jacks in my family, and both are John nicknamed Jack. My grandfather also had a now-deceased brother named John, nicknamed Jack, so Jack as a given name is a fairly new concept to me---I knew only one of those in high school. I guess I've met a few little Jacks at work, but I don't remember them like I remember the Jacksons, Braydens, Tanners, Parkers, and Caydens.

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