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    My first though was Vi, pronounced vie, but Lettie could be really cute. Isla could also be a nickname because of Violet.

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    Violet nn options: (keeping Bennett/Ben and Annabelle/Anna/Bella in mind)
    Lottie-I actually thought of this nn first, then thought it is actually not stretching it too much and it seems to work in my opinion
    Livvie/Livy or Levi
    Personally, I'd go with Ollie

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    i agree w/ namecrazy59 re: Lottie

    if Charlotte can use it, i don't see why Violet/ Violette can't. Have to admit i really do like Ollie as a nn for Violet.
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    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for all the suggestions. So far I really like Lottie and Ollie, and I LOVE Lola, but again would have never thought of it from it too much of a stretch? (my husband and I have actually discussed Lola as a name/nn in previous pregnancies, he never liked it because of the song, but I think it's adorable....probably wouldn’t use it as a standalone fn, but love it as a nn.)

    Lemonthistle, I have my name lists from previous pregnancies, and I always have lots of girl names I love, but I haven’t let myself get too far into names yet, because I am trying to wait until we find out gender! I have had a recent infatuation with the name Gemma, but a co-worker has a daughter that will be relatively close in age with the name, and I think it would be bordering on name stealing if I was to use it.
    As far as middles go, we have honored a lot of family members with the four names we have already used in middle spots, so the choices are getting narrower! Possible for girls middles include Lucy, and Loree (my maiden name), and I will have to look into grandparents middles, ect to see what else I can come up with. I would also consider names that had personal significance to my husband and I, or just a name with a really beautiful meaning.

    We always have a really hard time deciding on names, so we really try to finalize the first name first, and then worry about middles. I have had the same issues with each pregnancy, I have lots of girl names I like, and very few boy names I like! I am hoping finding out the gender this time (we never have in the past) will make things easier!

    Thanks again for all the help, and I am also open to suggestions of names you think would go great with my other two if you guys have any!

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