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    Nickname for Violet

    I have recently found out we are expecting baby number 3! We have decided that we will be finding out the gender this time around, but we won’t find out until the end of October. I am trying really hard not to get too crazy about names until we know if we will be naming a boy or a girl, but I can’t help thinking about it anyway! We have one boy (Bennett) and one girl (Annabelle). Last time the name Violet was a serious contender for a girl, and in chats with my husband, it still seems to be near the top of the list for both of us again. My biggest concern is that both Bennett and Annabelle can be (and often are) shortened (Ben/Ben & Anna/Bella). I am hoping you guys can help me come up with nn options for the name Violet, so it’s not out of place with the rest of the sib set. So far we have come up with:
    Vy (Pronounced V-I), my Grandmothers name was Violet & she went by Vy, but I don’t love it for a little girl
    Vi (Pronounced V) Don’t like the sound of this, and have a bad association
    Lottie - Really like this, think it's quite cute, but worry that it's not a natural enough nickname from Violet

    So help please Berries! NN suggestions and opinions please.

    On another note, current top runner for a boy is Rhys, which presents the same problem!

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    Violet nn:
    Vio- I think there is a poster here who addresses her Violet thus. In my head I pronounce it to rhyme w Leo, idk if she does. I think it's very cute.
    Lottie is supercute and def natural enough if you like it. The sounds are all in the orig name, just in a different order. NN are supposed to be playful and singsongy, yknow?

    What are your middle name options? Sometimes it's fun for nn to come from those.

    The only Rhys nick I can think of is Rhysie, which I actually quite like. Boy nn options?

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    Automatically I think of Vi and I think most other people will. You could try focusing on the second syllable of her name, like Lettie, Let, or Lottie, but I really feel that Vi is the only natural nickname for Violet, and I'm going to guess most people are just as uncreative as I am. You could try insisting people pronounce it Vie as in "vie for ones affections" but it might be a hassle, since it's not common.
    It's just such a common thing to nickname by shortening people's names to their first syllable, so common that if you really really hate the nickname Vi, the name Violet may not be the best choice overall.

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    Meh, idk, my extended family often uses unintuitive nicknames and we don't have a hard time getting other ppl to use them, too. Little kids especially are vigilant re not letting ppl call them by names they don't feel are *theirs*. My brother and I both have names with nicknames more common than the long form, but neither of us have ever used those nicknames. You pretty much only have to tell ppl once: Oh, she goes by Lottie or Violet, actually. I think esp if you have an alt nn at the ready, it's not hard to keep ppl from shortening to the first sylable. Nn from the middle are more fun anyway.

    Most of the names I like have potential nicknames that I'm not fond of. I don't think you need to let that be a dealbreaker.

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    My first thought when I read the title was Lottie! I disagree with maepae: Vy is much more natural than Vi or Vee from Violet to me. You could try to get to Ollie from the middle two letters, but Lottie is much more natural.

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