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    Love loads of your names. I'll comment on my favourites:
    Israel- Amazing for sentiment and sound! Would love to meet a little Israel!
    Chanel-I'm not a fan of Chanel as it is considered tacky where I live, Cocoa is divine though!
    Aspen- Lovely name but nms.
    Jessica- Very popular near me at the minute but a good name, not too fond of nn Jess.
    Galilee- Great name but I would only use this as a middle.
    Clementine- Beautiful but associations with the song are too strong to ignore.
    Oceana- Absolutely gorgeous name!

    Israel Oceana is my favourite overall combination of your list but Israel Ophelia is divine!X
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    Cleo ~ Spunky and fun. Love this.
    Vida ~ This is pretty. I prefer Veda or Leta or even Leda.
    Columbia ~ NMS. I can sorta see the appeal but I don't think it's pretty or even really sounds like a name.
    Israel ~ NMS. I don't think this is pretty at all.
    Daisy ~ This is cute.
    Ariana ~ I think this is pretty. Is it weird that I wouldn't mind this being my name but I wouldn't name my child this?
    Lucy ~ This is cute. It's just okay to me though. Overall it's just not really for me but nice for other people.
    Cora ~ Lovely.
    Chanel ~ Kinda tacky to me, imo.
    Aspen ~ Don't really see the appeal?
    Jessica ~ I know // have known too many to like this. Seems dated. I prefer Jessamine.
    Rose ~ Gorg.
    Marie ~ So pretty and refreshing in the first name spot.
    Lily ~ I love Lily but it's just so popular. Maybe Calla?
    Carmela ~ This is okay. It's pretty but I don't like the CAR sound. I like Camilla better.
    Georgia ~ Not really my style. It's okay though, nothing wrong with it.
    India ~ This sound is nice but I don't like it used as a name.
    Jane ~ It's okay. A but plain....Jane lol for me.
    Noreiss ~ I've never heard of this but I'm not really feeling the pronunciation // sound.
    Audrey ~ Pretty.
    Marilyn ~ This is okay. Could work.
    Galilee ~ Dislike the GA sound .
    Clementine ~ It's quirky. I like it for other people.
    Oceana ~ This is nice. I think I'd prefer it in the middle.
    Sakarah ~ This is okay. Not sure about this one.
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    None of them are my style but I think India & Lily are pretty
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    Cleo - very cute
    Vida - sounds like a cleaning brand or something (maybe I'm connecting it to Vileda)
    Columbia - I think this has way too many associations for it to ever work as a name
    Israel - Seems kind of tacky
    Daisy - cute, vintage, girly
    Ariana - this is one of those names that I just personally dislike. nothing wrong with it, I just can't stand it.=
    Lucy - spunky, girly, and sweet
    Cora - love Cora! very vintage but fresh
    Chanel - very very tacky/trashy
    Aspen - not my style, but I see the nature appeal
    Jessica - seems pretty dated to me
    Rose - I love love love Rose! Rose nn Rosie is in my top 5 at the moment
    Marie - feels dated
    Lily - like it, but it's pretty popular
    Carmela - I prefer Camilla
    Georgia - I really like Georgia, but I can't use it for personal reasons so I'm always happy to see it on other peoples' lists!
    India - I know there has been a lot of debate about India on Nameberry, but I'm not so opposed to it. I probably wouldn't use it because I have no ties whatsoever to India or Indian culture, but I think it could make a nice middle name if you do
    Jane - I love the simplicity of Jane. It sounds like such an uncommon name, but it's actually so rare to hear on a little girl nowadays!
    Noreiss - I think this would bring up a hefty amount of pronunciation problems and spelling issues
    Audrey - very vintage glam, like it
    Marilyn - ditto Audrey, but less common
    Galilee - just can't see this as an actual name
    Clementine - I love the southern feel to this but I don't know if I can actually imagine it on a really person
    Oceana - doesn't really sound like a name to me
    Sakarah - not my style, plus pronunciation issues might arise

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    Cleo- it's ok.
    Vida- means life in Spanish, not a fan.
    Columbia- a river, so I wouldn't use it.
    Israel- I've met a few boys with this name, it's all boy to me.
    Daisy- cute, but too babyish, like a nickname.
    Ariana- cute, but this name makes me think the parents were trying too hard to be flouncy.
    Lucy- Adorable name!
    Cora- Another adorable name!
    Chanel- over the top and flouncy. See Ariana.
    Aspen- Its ok.
    Jessica- makes me think of the 80's.
    Rose- Pretty!
    Marie- Cute, but plain imo
    Lily- Cute, but I prefer as a nickname for Lillian or Lillyana
    Carmela- Its ok.
    Georgia- its ok.
    India- its a country
    Jane- cute but plain
    Noreiss- I'm not even sure how to say this one.
    Audrey- Love it!
    Marilyn- Monroe
    Galilee- Sea in middle East
    Clementine- Oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darlin Clementine. You are lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine. That song is all I hear when I hear this name.
    Oceana- NMS
    Sakarah- I'm not sure how to say this name either.

    My favorites are Lucy, Cora, Rose, Lily, and Audrey!
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