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    Id say baths are much easier early on. Since my daughter was about 2 months id rinse her off in the shower with me after we swim so all the pool water & sunsreen are resting on her. But I a quick rinse & make sure im hugging her close to my body because with soap its pretty risky how slippery they are. But then I hold her in there a lil & she gets all relaxed next thing I know is she's out for a 3 hr nap

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    I have co-bathed before when I just had one or two. I even had one of those mesh slings when my oldest was a baby-- it was easy enough to use (if you are a sling fan) but I found that I couldn't make the water as hot as I'd personally like it and I would usually want to keep one hand on her in the sling so it was hard to wash myself. I didn't use that sling with #2.

    Now... I look forward to shower time so much. Sometimes, it's the only time I am really alone all day. haha.... I usually get interrupted though. What I generally do with infants is put them in the bathroom on the floor in a bouncy seat, carseat, or something along those lines if I can't do it while they are napping. Maybe they cry the whole time I'm in there, but i need to be clean! this is usually what I'll do for a mid-day "after a mess" shower. As far as bathing the baby -- my DH is on bath duty so that helps. We don't bathe them everyday unless they need it so if he has to work nights (he does this every 4-5 days) then usually it's not a huge deal and it's not like I am incapable of bathing them... he just likes to have that as his job and I gladly give up something to him to manage completely
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    We gave Rowan a bath in the kitchen sink until she was about 8-9 months old and started splashing too much. I just put a hand towel in the bottom of the sink so she wouldn't slip. It was easy on my back. She takes baths now, and loves them. She is perfectly content to splash away and play with her toys while I sit on the toilet seat next to the tub. We tried co-showering a few times to save time, but she didn't like it. And our tub isn't very big so she would be pretty mad if there was a big person taking up room in her bath.

    I showered with my parents when I was little, probably until age 5-6 or so, out of necessity though. We didn't have indoor plumbing, so we used a wooden outside shower with one of those black barrels full of water that was heated by the sun in the summer, and a public shower at a local campground in the winter. And we had an outhouse, too.
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    I have co-showered with both my kids. But I didn't start until they were old enough that they could sit in the shower unassisted so maybe around 8 months? Our shower isn't that big so it's pretty cramped when all three of us get into it. But it saves time and my son really enjoys it. I also don't really have anything my daughter can do other then sit in her crib looking at books (which by nighttime when we do baths/showers she typically is kind of fussy) while I bathe my son so sometimes I just do baths with both of them. We have a bath seat that we used when she was little.
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    SO co-showers with Tally. He has since she was really little. When he's done with her, he usually yells for me and I take her and get her dried off and dressed while he finishes up his shower. He never had a problem with almost dropping her.
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