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    Does anyone do this? Any tips, advice, ideas, etc.

    I started co-bathing when my daughter was about 10 weeks old, and SO was working overtime. It was the easiest way for me to get us both bathed.

    I've heard of co-showering, but I can't seem to find anyone who's actually done it. I did hear one woman say a friend of hers made a sling or wrap for the baby that was made out of a mesh kind of material, but I'm a little concerned about safety. Another option might be wearing some kind of terry cloth gloves to hold the baby? I'd like to co-shower with my infant if it's possible to do it safely, but I feel like we might be sticking to baths until she's bigger.
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    When Zu was super little we had a baby bath for her & we would just bathe her in that. Now that she tries to climb out, one of us usually just get in our bathtub with her. If we put her in there and kneel over the side she screams like crazy plus its murder on our backs. I haven't ever tried showering with her, but I have a friend who showers with his baby when his wife is working. He says he just angles the spray to avoid her, he will wash her then she'll just sit there and play while he showers himself.
    I think I would avoid co-showering til your baby sits up by herself steadily.
    I would say holding her up in the shower even with special gloves sounds crazy. What if you slipped!? Plus you will need to use at least one of your hands for washing - I think it sounds both unsafe and impractical.
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    A friend of mine co-bathed until the daughter was 10 or 12 and all nice. I think it's practical and fine but co-showering is just a risk. A mom would never forgive herself is she drops the baby or something. It sounds just unsafe.

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    OK, I do this. I shower with Baba all the time. We've got a big shower, it's more like a room really I think there's be room for ten people in my shower (not that I've tried), and I usually sit down on the floor with Roo. I bring the baby monitor in there and when we need to get out I yell at Husband (he usually sleeps for a long time). When we bathe I either have her in this baby-bath seat or we both go in. When she was very little she'd just lie on my stomach/chest but now we sit. I don't have a lot of water in just in case, and he water's not that warm so it's not exactly a comfortable experience.
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    We co-shower with our 2 year old boys. We tried it a lot earlier when they were maybe a year or less, but they really didn't like the water spraying them, so we went back to baths. We tried it again recently and they love it so we do it. We don't have a huge shower so the rules are 1 adult and 1 kid at a time and once one kid is clean the other adult takes him and gets him dressed while the other kid climbs in and gets clean. We have a removable shower head so they love that they can get themselves wet and have control over where the water goes.
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