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    No kids yet, but I lean more towards choosing names I like that have meaning for me (my general rule is first name is a personal favorite, middle name is a family/very meaningful name). There's really no way to know if your child will suit the image you have in your head, even after they're born. Because really, what does a 1 day old baby's "personality" really mean? People grow and evolve constantly, I am a different person now at 23 than I was at 15, and I was different then than I was at 10. So I think I would choose based on meaning, sound, origin etc. and let the child create my image of what that name would look like rather than the other way around. Not that there's anything wrong with either way of choosing.
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    I named my children names that were after family members and we loved the names. I didn't really name them based off their personalities. I think whatever the personality of the child it will seem to work perfectly with the name you choose for them because over time that name becomes them. Also you do have some wiggle room sometimes with nicknames and such. We always planned on calling my daughter Mary Claire but I tend to think of a more outgoing little girl with that name not my quiet and somewhat clingy daughter so we just call her Mary instead.
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    I think the name becomes you. My kids' names definitely suit them and I can't imagine them being named anything else, but I'm sure I'd feel that way no matter what their names were. My husband's name is Daren. He hates it- the name, the misspelling, etc. I love it on him. Steve or John just wouldn't work.

    Also, look at history. Celebs make name trends. Names skyrocket after new celebs come onto the scene. That's because they give us a new view of a name- maybe something we thought was ugly and unusable becomes fresh and beautiful.

    So bottom line for me is, choose thoughtfully and see where the children take the name. :-)

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    Don't think the name you choose will determine what type of child you have. Genetics and role models will determine what kind of personality your child will have. As far as names go if there's a particular sort of 'vibe' that touches you roll with that. For example if you are really into theatre maybe choose a Shakespearean name, or if you have an intense love for literature choose a name from one of the classics. I think its funny when people think the name will determine a child's personality. Just listen to the name out loud, think about the colours, feelings, mental images & memories you get from it, and choose a name that YOU really love.
    Of course you need to factor in your child's well-being. Can you see your child being a biologist or a lawyer, a forest ranger, firefighter or primary school teacher with that name?
    Your expectation of the name or the feeling you get from the name will change as your child evolves & as your experiences with that name change. That I think is what people mean by 'the name becomes you' or 'they'll grow into the name'.

    I'm sorry if that doesn't make much sense.
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    I don't have any children yet but for a few years name I've been obessing over names. Most of my children will be named after places in Europe and my first son will be named after my dad.
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