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    Yes to everything that's already been said! I just wanted to add some positives. I come from a family of 6 kids, I am second to the youngest and probably the biggest oops (I was conceived when my mom was on BC). Anyway, I couldn't imagine life without my 5 siblings. Things weren't always easy, my dad worked really hard and my mom ended up doing a small daycare out of the home because there were a lot of us and she wanted some extra money. I didn't get everything I wanted, but I did get what I needed. Coming from a family like that definitely helped me with the lessons you learn as you navigate adulthood. My siblings are the greatest friends I've ever had, I feel lucky to have that many people that have known me forever and will always be there for me. There are 3 girls and 3 boys, I am the youngest girl. We are all adults with the youngest being 25. My parents never thought they'd have more than 3. Sure, you might have some tough years, or you might not, my mom has always said that us 2 youngest were the easiest and really didn't feel much different than having 4. We had built in playmates for everything - oh those 2 are doing that, well I've got 3 others to see if they want to ride bikes with me. But also realize how great this will be when they are adults. When my parents get really old and sick - they have 6 kids to help pitch in, I have 5 siblings to lean on - you have no idea how great this is, how comforting it is. Well you might, but seeing my in-laws struggle to take care of their parents with only 2 of them doing all the work and feeling stressed, I feel so lucky to have all the siblings I have. I also have 13 nieces and nephews from the older 4 siblings and I love having this big family to be a part of. Holidays are so much fun. We all visit each other at our parents about once a week, the adults have board game nights and all the kids watch movies together or just play. I love these nights.

    I am sorry, I kind of rambling now, I just wanted to shine a light on some positives. I really like being one of six, I really like having that many people in my corner. And I know my parents love having this big family they didn't think they'd have. I hoped I helped a tiny bit.
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    lois and bex - loved reading about your experience growing up in large families! Thank you so much for posting
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