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    I am going CRAZY, and I need some help.

    Hello. My name is Lily. I am married to Kevin. We always wanted three kids, and shortly after our marriage, we welcomed: Evelyn Rose (8) Hannah Kate (6) and Isabelle Lucy (4). We weren't planning on a 4th, but, we welcomed a healthy baby boy 3 years ago, who we named Colin Thomas. My life with 4 kids has been crazy, and even though I was on BC, I ran out and I forgot to refill for awhile (I would tell you how long, but I honestly cant remember). Anyways, our anniversary was in March, and about 8 weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. The 12 week scan revealed it was twins. Stunned, shocked and very nervous can describe my feelings to say the least. I am just really afraid about handling 6 kids. They are due in December, and I cant even bring my self to pick names, look for clothes, or even talk about the pregnancy with my family and friends. I cry, ALOT, about it, almost every night. I know I will love these babies, but I cant help but feel I am selling the other short by adding more. I just want some mommy advice, about anything to do with raising twins, 6 kids under age 8, or just how to get over this. I am going crazy and I just need some help to prepare. Thanks to all who reply.

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