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    Fingers crossed would be warmly welcomed

    I was told my 3rd pregnancy is perfect, bookish, nothing to fear about. Then my hubby & I decided to explore the country of my ancestors - we packed a van, used Ferry and enjoyed our polish escape. First two weeks were marvellous... but last tuesday...I survived the most dramatic episode of pregnancy nausea I could ever imagine. Connected with fever and shivering. Every smell made me visit toilettle. And every visit was the agony of vomiting, dizziness, trouble finding myself in space and time. And vomiting itself... I was pretty sure one more contraction and I'll throw my brain away. I've got fantastic doctor, familly is still here, we rebooked our flight... but I feel like collapsing all the time and need your wise words.
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    Best of luck to you. I caught a bug like that in Russia, but I wasn't pregnant. Hope you're feeling better!

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