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    Alternative to Serafina?

    The character is about 17, and kind of plain looking -- medium-length, thick, brown hair, freckles, round/heart shaped face, nondescript nose and mouth, bright blue eyes, a bit short, boxy/shapeless figure. Can easily crossdress for disguise purposes, doesn't stand out in a crowd unless she needs/wants to. Rebellious, but not to the point of going head on against everything, more like mischievous. Adventerous and quick on her feet, fast thinker, witty, headstrong.

    Lives with her large, wealthy family. Her and her twin brother, Kristof, are the youngest; she has two older brothers, Gregor and Heinrich, who are married to Beau and Julia. All of these people live with her parents.

    Sort of an alternative/fantasy type world that has semi-successfully recovered from your typical dystopia.

    Right now her name is Serafina, but it doesn't really fit her character. She needs something stronger. Any suggestions?
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    Kristof, Gregor, and Heinrich are all German origin, so how about something like Greta, Ingrid, Gretchen, Kasimira
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    She sounds like Johannah to me.

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    How 'bout Raffaela/Rafaela? I feel like it fits all your criteria. Thoughts?

    Sorry, I realize that was probably no help at all.
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    So far Kasimira is our frontrunner; any more suggestions?
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