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    Thoughts on Corban?

    Hey all

    Since my lovely husband and I are at opposite ends of the name spectrum finding a boys name we both like (forget love!) has been quite the daunting task. And then he suggested Corey. To which I originally balked. It's a girls name! Can you name ONE Corey that we know who isn't...or wasn't...a delinquent and menace to society!! Corey will never grow up...can you picture a 40 yr old man name Corey!!? All there are legit concerns of mine!

    But I then had a thought...what if I could find a name that could be shortened to Corey. That way when the time comes to fill out college & job applications he can have a stronger- more grown up name. Enter Corban.

    However I've never met a Corban, or have even heard of a Corban. Other than Bruce Willis in The 5th Element

    So Yay...or nay? What's the word on Corban Bryce? And as always- suggestions are always welcome!

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    I prefer the spelling Corbin, but I think it's a great name!
    Some names (some very out-there) that could potentially be shortened to Corey:

    Best of luck! I think my favourite would have to be Cormack

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    I also prefer the more authentic Corbin spelling, but I really like the name! Corbin Bryce is a great combo. If you're worried about it being "too out there," Corbin is ranked #221 in US popularity, so it's definitely not unheard of.

    Other ideas:
    Cormac (no k)
    Conrad (your husband could call him Corey and you could call him Cord)

    I have to say, though, that I like Corbin the best!

    ETA: Corey is actually a male name, so you don't have to worry about that part, at least.
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    I think it's a nice name when spelled Corbin but Corbin Bryce is a bit too 'b' heavy for me.

    Corey is all male, IMO.

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    I prefer Corbin and think Corbin Bryce nn Corey is fine.
    I don't really love Corban or Corbin it makes me think of a mix of the Disney Channel and Kurt Cobain.
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