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Thread: Contessa

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    It does have a lovely sound to it, and the nn Tess or Tessa are great. However, I am not very fond of titles as named. In my opinion, using the name Contessa is like naming your daughter Princess or Queen. I would just stick with Tess or Tessa.

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    casilda Guest
    Contessa isn't a name, it's a title. I'm not a fan of titles as names.

    If you want a more formal name for Tessa, what about Theresa? Theresa is where Tessa originates.

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    Isn't that a title?

    I'm not fond of title-names. I prefer the use of Theresa, nn Tess/Tessa, or just Tess/Tessa.
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    caty_beth89 Guest
    OK. Thanks, ladies. I guess it's probably not usable. I find that a shame since I'm not fond of Theresa at all. :-/

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    Quintessa would be a quirky alternative to Contessa and it would avoid the title issue.
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