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Thread: Broderick?

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    Thoughts on Broderick Louis? We would call him Brody. Or we were thinking of Brody Vincent. Our son's name is Benjamin Luke so thoughts on if those names go together. Thanks!

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    I LOVE Broderick! Not big on Brody, but Broderick is awesome! Are you pronouncing Louis Lewie or Lewis?
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    I like Broderick! Much prefer it to Brody. Personally, I'd go with Broderick Vincent over Louis because the matching "B" names and "LOO" sounds in Luke and Louis is a bit too rhyme-y for me.
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    I prefer Broderick to Brody. Broderick's a fantastic name! I agree with maggiefromcanada about why I prefer Broderick Vincent to Broderick Louis.

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    Broderick Vincent sounds really good to me!

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