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    The trouble with Jane...

    Okay, I'm not expecting, just obsessed with names.

    Eliza Jane is my top combo which my husband loves just as much (yay).
    However, Jane feels like such a filler to me, I wonder if Eliza needs 'her own' middle name- one that she's less likely to share with others.

    Jane is my mothers name, but we are not purposely honoring family with names, it's more a coincidence.

    I've thought of Eliza Audrey, but nothing seems to flow as well as Eliza Jane.

    Thoughts? It doesn't have to be one syllable, but it can't end in a...
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    I think Eliza Jane is very sweet. Jane is a fairly common middle name so I can understand what you mean by it feeling like a "filler" name. Of course, since it is your mother's name this might make a nice extra reason to use it. I think Eliza Audrey is also a pretty combination but between the two I like the sound of Eliza Jane better. Here are some other suggestions:

    Eliza Lucy
    Eliza Bridget
    Eliza Eleanor
    Eliza Faye
    Eliza Claire
    Eliza Daisy
    Eliza Rachel
    Eliza Frances
    Eliza Mary
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    I agree that Jane seems to be a very common middle name for Eliza. It is sweet but it reminds me of an unfortunate rhyme from a book ("lazy lousy Lizy Jane") where the character Eliza Jane wasn't very nice. Anyway, what about....

    Eliza Jessamine "Eliza Jess"
    Eliza Josephine "Eliza Jo"
    Eliza Maribelle "Eliza Belle"
    Eliza Catriona "Eliza Cate"
    Eliza Beatrice "Eliza Bea"
    Eliza Lucille "Lizzie Lu"

    Eliza Jewel
    Eliza Ruby
    Eliza Jade

    Eliza Rosemarie
    Eliza Madeleine
    Eliza Juliet
    Eliza Marguerite "Eliza Mae"

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    I think Eliza Jane is beautiful. I have never met a Jane. I only know one person with the middle name Jane. She is a one year old and is Ellis Jane. I like Jane because it reminds me of Jane Austen. I like the suggestion of Eliza Lucille and Eliza Madeleine. Also..... LOVEEEEE Lizzie Lu, tristan. So precious!

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    The only name I like (LOVE!) with Eliza is Jane. I see Eliza as a filler to get to Jane...other options--Clementine Jane, Maisie Jane, Avery Jane, Calista Jane, Felicity Jane.

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