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    Alluring Lorelei

    I'm hoping to get some help with a Lorelei combo. She's being quite a little vixen. I have her with Evadne at the moment, but that's just not sounding right to either of us. Too much suicide and death perhaps. I'm ready to pull my hair out with frustration.

    All the names in my signature are favorites for both of us, so obviously we're fans of whimsical names. We love nature, Tolkien, mythology (especially Arthurian, Mabinogion, Scandinavian), fairy tales, fantasy, poetry and literature. I'm a writer, and quite like names that honor that. The mister practically worships mountains and we both come alive in forests and on the coast. We have no problem with noun names, or names that most people don't really consider a name. We live in the frigid north where winter is long and dark, and we love it, so weather related names we love tend to be cold and stormy, but have nothing against a little sunshine, or brighter, cheerier names.

    I have no problem with two middles, but the mister prefers one. If it's the right combo, I can convince him. He likes Cordelia Alcyone Lore and Tabitha Eilonwy Snow, but I haven't been able to make him fall in love with any other three name combo. I like a lot of the mermaid/oceany type names, but almost feel they're a little much in combination with Lorelei. Something shimmery, but not too shimmery. Sigh. She's really being difficult. The mister keeps trying for short and simple in the middle, but most of the ones we've thought of sound like filler names.

    I've read that some people don't like Lorelei, and that's fine. I'm not looking for opinions on the name, though you're welcome to give one if you feel you must. She made it to the top of our list. If you don't know how to say it, we'll be saying it lawr-eh-lie.
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    Oh I love Lorelei - it's probably my top name right now. But she is a little difficult to create a combo for.
    The great thing about Lorelei is that she doesn't end in an -a so any -a name works without sounding too sing-songy.
    Here are some that I've considered with a little frosty goodness added in:
    Lorelei Gwyneria/ Lorelei Guinevere
    Lorelei Theodora Névé
    Lorelei Brunhild (I don't usually like Brunhild but as a mn with Lorelei I feel like it works)
    Lorelei Wisteria
    Lorelei Valencia Firn
    Lorelei Eugenia Snow
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    First of all, we need to hang out. You and me and our husbands are basically the same people by the sound of it.

    I love Lorelei, it's magical, pulling and alluring. I desperately want to pair her with other water sprites, but I do realise that Lorelei Melsuine Ondine is probably too much!!!

    Here are my name suggestions and I'll get to combos at the bottom:
    Amymone (one of the Danaides, the only one not to murder her husband. “blameless”)
    Daphne (the naiad turned into bay laurel. Apart from being a prominent nymph featured in so many gorgeous works of art there’s the brilliant writer Daphne du Maurier.)
    Dione (various nymphs; one of the hyades (rain nymphs) and one of the asteriae (star nymphs))
    Klytie (an oceanid turned into a heliotrope flower)
    Liriope (a naiad and an evergreen lily-grass flower)
    Nephele (cloud nymph)
    Oenone (an Oread, and first wife of Paris. There’s lots of poetry around her story, including one by Alfred Lord Tennyson.)
    Orseis (a naiad and ancestor to all Greeks)
    Pleione (an oceanid, mother to the Pleiades, Hyades and Hesperides. Patroness of sailors)

    Aillean (woman of the other world who had a tendency to turn into a deer)
    Alcina (an enchantress, sister of Morgana le Fay)
    Caelia (a faery queen)
    Claire (Sagramour’s sister)
    Esclarimonde (a faery)
    Nimue (the lady of the lake)
    Olwen (a maiden so beautiful and gentle white flowers grew in her footprints)
    Pulzella (Gawain’s former lover, a faery princess who brought a whole army of faeries to rescue him from an evil sorceress)
    Seli (mother of the lord of the faery realm)
    Seraide (another lady of the lake. There are too many of those…)
    Seren (Guinevere’s mama)
    Tarian (Arthur’s tactician and protector)

    Amarantha (poem by Richard Lovelace “To Amarantha, That She Would Dishevel Her Hair”)
    Astrid (Norwegian Queens and one of the protagonists in one of the loveliest books I’ve ever read “Astrid & Veronika” by Linda Olsson)
    Blanchefleur (from various medieval romances)
    Cicely/Cecily (Sweet cicely! There’s a Cecily in Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, and in the tv series Road to Avonlea, and last but not least; The Queen of the Elves in TFQ!)
    Cressida (from Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida. It reminds me of watercress and stars)
    Elina (from Maggie O’Farrell’s “The Hand That First Held Mine”, she’s an artist)
    Loveday (Did you read “The Little White Horse” by Elizabeth Goudge when you were little? Loveday is Robin’s mother. It’s also just a beautiful word, and was given to children born on days enemies came together to solve their differences.)
    Nell (Lots of Nells, but my favourite is from Jill Dawson’s “The Great Lover”, a novel based on the English poet Rupert Brooke)
    Nerissa (from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It comes from the word nereis (sea nymphs))
    Odette (from Swan Lake, and Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”)
    Rixende (I don’t know much about this, but it’s lovely. I found it in Kate Mosse’s “Labyrinth”)
    Silver (slinky and gorgeous. Jeanette Winterson used it for her main girl in “Lighthousekeeping”. Silver lives in a lighthouse and tells stories.)
    Silvia (from Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona. And it means “from the forest”)
    Titania (Shakespeare again, and faeries! Two in one.)
    Una (Girl in TFQ, the personification of the true church.)
    Ylajali (from Knut Hamsun’s Hunger. If you’re able to pronounce it, it’s really lovely.)
    Yvaine (from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. It seems like a pretty perfect match for you, stars and faery)
    Zazie (some spunk? I loved Zazie in the Metro when I was little.)

    Feya (means faery in Russian)
    Pareesa (means fairy like in Persian)
    Selkie (an other worldly creature who can turn into a seal (because that’s so practical))
    Siofra (faery babies swapped with humans. “changeling”)

    Words, Plants, Animals
    Celandine (“swallow”, a plant that’s said to help people break away from what hinders them, and it promotes happiness!)
    Dew or Dewdrop
    Erwain (Welsh for meadowsweet)
    Ffion (Welsh for foxglove)
    Gwenonwy (Welsh for lily-of the valley)
    Lovage (the herb)
    Meilys (Welsh for plant)
    Nerine (another name deriving from Nereis. It’s also the botanical name for Spider Lily)
    Opal (the stone made from Zeus’ joyful tears after he defeated the Titans.)
    Periwinkle (the flowers, also known by the name joy-on-the-ground)
    Ripple (because I associate LOrelei with Tori Amos’s Pandora’s Aquarium where she sings “ripple come and ripple go and ripple back to me”)
    Rosebay (another name for oleander)
    Rue (the evergreen, also known as herb of grace)
    Seaborn (beautiful surname, because the sea is important to you.)
    Seamay (because of the sea thing again)
    Vivendel (Norwegian for honeysuckle)

    Eimyrja (one of the beautiful daughters of Logi, said to be the fairest in all the land. “embers”)
    Eir/Eira (the Goddess of healing)
    Eisa (the other of Logi’s beautiful daughters. “glowing embers”)
    Freyja (goddess of fertility, love and beauty. She rides in a chariot pulled b CATS!)
    Gersemi (goddess of beauty, daughter of Freyja. “treasure”)
    Hariasa (Germanic Goddess, derives from the Valkyrie Herja)
    Hulda (hulder is a nymph like creature in Nordic folklore, they live in the mountains and forests and lure men to their death with their beauty and song. And they’ve got a tail. Hulda means “secrecy”, she was a sorceress in Norse mythology)
    Kara (a valkyire, “the wild/stormy one”)
    Mist (a valkyrie)
    Nanna (a Goddess and wife of Balder)
    Saga (“the seeing one”, Saga is most likely an aspect of the Goddess Frigg)
    Urd (one of the Norns. She’s the fate of the past, the well by Yggdrasil belongs to her)

    Arien (the maiden chosen to guide the sun, “maiden of sun”)
    Eärwen (Galadriel’s mama, “sea maiden”)
    Elentári (the name of the goddess of the heavens, “star queen”)
    Erendis (the wife of Aldarion of Numenor)
    Ilmarë (chief of the Maiar, handmaiden to Varda Elentari, «starlight»)
    Lórien (the forest where Galadriel lives)
    Lúthien (the Elven Princess Luthien Tinuviel, “enchantress”)
    Nienna (one of the Queens of the Valar. “she who weeps”)
    Silmariën (a Queen of Numenor, “she of the shining light”)
    Undómiel (Arwen’s other name, “evenstar”)

    Myths and History
    Amyitits (Babylonian Queen, the Hanging Gardens were built for her. “beautiful” + “thought/opinion”)
    Eleri (a river in Wales named for an obscure Goddess)
    Finvola (a character in a gorgeous Irish folksong “The Gem of the Roe”, quite obscure but re-recorded about a decade ago by Irish singer Cara Dillon.)
    Nausicaa (a princess in The Odyssey)
    Niamh (a Goddess, daughter of the God of the Sea in the land of Tír na nÓg.)
    Ninlil (Goddess consort of Enlil, God of air in Egyptian mythology)
    Orchil (an earth and fertility Goddess)
    Sabrina (the Goddess of the river Severn, English folklore. She also appears in TFQ.)
    Selene (the personification of the moon in Greek mythology)

    Lorelei Eisa Selene
    Lorelei Niamh Seamay
    Lorelei Gwenonwy Nell
    Lorelei Cecily Mist
    Lorelei Finvola Claire
    Lorelei Feya Lórien
    Lorelei Saga Vivendel
    Lorelei Opal Gersemi
    Lorelei Kara Seaborn
    Lorelei Pareesa Ermine
    Lorelei Eira Undómiel
    Lorelei Eisa Ilmarë
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    I like your pronunciation, it's beautiful. I will try and do winter-ish and writer-ish names.
    Lorelei Angerona (Roman goddess of winter and summer solstice and revolution of the seasons)
    Lorelei Astoria (Astoria is similar to Story, writer-like name)
    Lorelei Bianca
    Lorelei Frostine
    Lorelei Morana (Slavic goddess of winter)
    Lorelei Muse/Musette/Musidora (muse, inspiration)
    Lorelei Perdita (The Winter's Tale)
    Lorelei Saga (Norse goddess of poetry and the word)
    Lorelei Snowdrop (the first brave flower to blossom in the snow)
    Lorelei Winter
    And almost all -wen and Gwen- Welsh names mean "white" plus something else.

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    We're looking for something similar for a mn, so I can add here a few from my list:
    Mab (Fairy winter court queen, at least according to Jim Butcher!)
    Maeve (Mab's daughter)
    Titania (already on previous list)
    Aurora (Titania's daughter)
    Nyx (means night, Nixie is a water sprite)

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