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    Yay, Thora Silmariën Lux is fanfabultastic. Love it! Thora is adorable, I see her the way you do. I actually know a Thora (or Tora, that's the normal Norwegian spelling), she's the daughter of one of my father's friends; a gorgeous 12 year old with strawberry blonde hair, she's an amazing painter.

    I will have a think on Lorelei. By the way, I think you could do Lorelei Silver Nyneve, that's incredibly beautiful in my opinion.
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    I know I'm coming in late, so please to be forgiving any repeats? Lorelei Nimue Silver is beautiful, but I'm going to try to top it nonetheless

    Shimmering opalescent suggestions:
    Azenor / Senara – Cornish saint who was rumored to have been a mermaid. Picked this one up from a Blade suggestion and I've been in love with Senara ever since! Azenor really works with Lorelei though…the sharpness of the Z with the soft –nor ending that echoes the Lore in Lorelei…swoon.
    Pearl – Simple, but powerful…I love word names with layers to them, and this one has spiritual meaning to me ("pearl of great price") in addition to both mermaid-esque and vintage feminine vibes.
    Namine – pronounced NAH-mih-nay…one my guilty pleasures…a clairvoyant from the Kingdom Hearts video game series whose name means "born of air and water." I love the meaning so much because any little one of mine would have an Air parent and a Water parent, so it's pretty perfect…but alas, the dreaded veto.
    Opal – like Pearl, but more evanescent and shimmering. I love the shape of Lorelei Opal in my mouth, the name rolls around the tongue like wine
    Arethusa - a nymph pursued by a river god, who was changed by Artemis into a stream
    Aylin – love the meaning, "moon halo." too insubstantial with all those L's?
    Muirin, Meredith, Muriel, Merewen – all these oceanic seafoam names lend such depth and mystery to the bouncy Lorelei, though they do make her unequivocally a mermaid.
    Nerissa – Shakespearean cred!
    Nerine – sounds like all the sea nymphs, but is really a type of lily.
    Azure – one of my favorite word names…the soft burr of the ZH sound totally does it for me, and the image of all that rich blue...!
    Neoma – another Blade suggestion, meaning "new moon"
    Serafin – a nod to Serafina Pekkala, in a way that's more watery than fiery. The –fin part makes it feel so sleek and silvery, like a dorsal fin slicing through the waves. But unlike all my other suggestions, it isn't actually a water name! Haha.

    Out of the box:
    Seawillow – Believe it or not, this is a legitimate name with a fascinating history! I found it on my favorite witchy name blog…here's the link to the entry!
    Morvoren – literally means mermaid. I know that's way too many OR sounds with Lorelei, but I couldn't resist sharing.
    Ondine – If she's your favorite with Lorelei, go for it. So what if it's double-mermaid? You could add a third name in there to balance the theme, but frankly the sounds are perfection together. Ondine deepens and enriches Lorelei, giving her the undersea darkness to balance her frothy foamy surface.

    I have to add: If you haven't listened to Loreley by Blackmore's Night, you absolutely MUST. It will make you fall in love with these name EVEN. MORE.
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    Ottilie: I'm glad you like Thora Silmariën Lux, since you inspired it. I woke up so excited about it. My sweetie couldn't remember anything about Silmariën, although he recognized the Tolkien-y aspects, but when he heard the meaning he approved. Thora is complete. That means we're just about done with the girls. Yay!! FYI, Thora in Spanish sounds more like Tora. Th isn't really used in Spanish, so if we have a Thora, her non-English speaking relatives on my dads' side will be calling her something very close to Tora. It's not as abrupt as English Tora, it's still very pretty imo, with that lovely trilling r. She sounds sparkly and golden in Spanish.

    Sessha: First off, thanks for all the ideas. I love them all. BUT, mostly, thank you for articulating what I couldn't put my finger on with Lorelei Ondine. That's what I'm going with because I finally get why it works even though it should be mermaid overload. Yes! Lorelei is the surface, and Ondine dives down deep. I'm pretty much dancing in my seat right now. It just works, even though it shouldn't. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Lorelei Ondine

    Well, unless the mister says no, but I'm pretty sure he'll okay it.

    I'm going to read up on some of the other names you suggested because they're so pretty and some I've not encountered. Oh, and I just gave that song a listen. I've never heard it, so thanks for that too! If we have a Lorelei, she has a song to dance to (or swim to?). If you're feeling remarkably happy right now, it's because I'm sending super awesome good thoughts your way.

    Thanks for all your help you creative, wonderful berries.

    Of course, now I'm also rather in love with Nimue Silver, but she's just going to have to go into the GP pile because I know he'll say no to Nimue as a first.
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