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Thread: Opinions?

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    Vesper - pretty and cool name that's neat but maybe a bit too James Bondy. I might perfer Hesper, Hespera, Vespera a bit. Vespertine.
    Illyria - I want to like it, but always trip up on it. I think other people would too and that's my concern.
    Martha - Great underused Biblical old lady name. I consider it from time to time.
    Susannah - Similar to Martha except I think it might explode one of these days. That doesn't really bother me.
    Rosamund - I like the idea of it, but find the mund too clunky.
    Rosemary - love Rosemary!
    Merida - interesting but the prn trips me up and it's very tied to that movie for me right now.
    Blythe - I want to like it but it sounds too close to 'blargh' to me. I like it more as a middle.
    Isolde - I like the history but don't like "is old" - I know it's said a little differently but it wouldn't be in practice. Isault might be better.
    Iris - I love Iris.
    Elysia - pretty but kind of arrogant maybe. Also forever lost among Alicia/Elisa/Alyssa etc.
    Serenity - a pretty virtue but it's very tied to the moment and trendy. I'd prefer Serena or Verity.
    Annika - another one I want to like, but never quite get into. A fine choice though, it's really just a taste issue for me.
    Odette - I am quite fond of Odette!
    Persephone - A very pretty name that's worth thinking about.
    Verona - I like Verona!
    Soraya - I like this but think it's maybe a little odd if you're not tied to the heritage it usually goes with?
    Cordelia - I understand the appeal but it always feels stuffy and overrated to me too.
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee) - Too much like Renesmee for me I think.
    Pollyanna - no. That movie, the meaning, no.
    Elowen - Pretty....looking like el-Owen always trips me up (it seems masculine somehow), but I do like the sound.
    Valentina - very nice name
    Saffron - I love the idea of it but it's really hippy dippy to me still
    Wren - I like it but feels very tied to the moment
    Juniper - same as Wren
    Leah - I like Leah
    Pearl - I like Pearl
    Peony - too much Pee :/. I'd go for Phoebe or Posey for a similar feel.
    Astoria - too much the neighborhood in Queens for me and I dislike anything with an As beginning, but it's still not the worst. If you like Story I'd consider just that.
    Molly - I like Molly, although it feels faintly 80s and ready for a nap a bit and also I like it a bit better as a traditional nickname for Mary but that's not necessary or anything

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    I love:
    I like:
    The others are not my taste. Based on your list I wonder if you like any of these:
    Carden (garden reference)
    Elizabeth-so many nn options and classically pretty-took a while for this name to grow on me, but now I really appreciate it
    Gemma with a hard g sound or Jemma
    Janvier-french for january

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    Vesper - 7/10 I prefer Hesper.
    Illyria - 7.5/10
    Martha - 7/10
    Susannah - 6.5/10
    Rosamund - 6.5/10
    Rosemary - 6.5/10
    Merida - 6.5/10
    Blythe - 6/10 I want to like this name more than I actually do.
    Isolde - 7.5/10
    Iris - 7/10
    Elysia - 4/10
    Serenity - 3/10
    Annika - 7.5/10
    Odette - 7/10
    Persephone - 9/10
    Verona - 4/10
    Soraya - 3/10
    Cordelia - 9/10
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee) - 1/10
    Pollyanna - 4/10
    Elowen - 7/10
    Valentina - 8/10
    Saffron - 4/10
    Wren - 5.5/10
    Juniper - 7/10
    Leah - 3/10
    Pearl - 5/10
    Peony - 2/10
    Astoria - 5.5/10
    Molly - 4/10
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    Vesper- Not a fan. I think of Vespa.
    Illyria- meh.
    Martha- Makes me think of uptight waspy women (since the only three women I personally know with this name are Martha Stewart clones)
    Susannah- cute
    Rosamund- sophisticated and lovely
    Rosemary- spunky
    Merida- reminds me of 'Merica. Not in a good way.
    Blythe- meh
    Isolde- love it
    Iris- not a fan
    Elysia- nms
    Serenity- nms
    Annika- love it
    Odette- love it
    Persephone- so cute
    Verona- I am getting an image of that Claire Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio modern Romeo and Juliet version of Verona and it's an ugly place.
    Cordelia- love
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee)- nms
    Pollyanna- no
    Elowen- pretty but nms
    Valentina- cute
    Saffron- love but wouldn't use it
    Wren- meh
    Juniper- meh
    Leah- feels so overdone
    Pearl- meh
    Peony- cute
    Astoria- love
    Molly- so cute

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