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Thread: Opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyjuliette View Post
    I love:
    I like:
    The others are not my taste. Based on your list I wonder if you like any of these:
    Carden (garden reference)
    Elizabeth-so many nn options and classically pretty-took a while for this name to grow on me, but now I really appreciate it
    Gemma with a hard g sound or Jemma
    Janvier-french for january
    I LOVE Elspeth! Long favourite of mine! Elizabeth is my mum's name, so I think I'd reserve that as a middle, but Elspeth's an attractive alternative that I'd use as a first name! I also like Ellis, Gemma, Annabeth + Rosaleigh/Rosalie

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    this is long, but hey I can't sleep, so...
    Didn't read any replies as not to sway my opinion.

    Vesper. Little out there, hard not to think vespa, like the scooter. Maybe in the middle?
    Illyria. Nms but kind of pretty. Not wild about the ill beginning
    Martha. So different from your first two, dang! Whole different vibe. Hard to say a pre teen Martha surrounded by Isabelles and Sophias and Amelias would really like being clunky aunt Martha.
    Susannah. Better... Not wild about Susie, but sanna or sunny could be great nicknames
    Rosamund. The ending kind of falls heavy. Rosalie is my favorite of the rose names...
    Rosemary. With rosemary being my second favorite. I think of the herb flower and lavender, very comforting
    Merida. I still want to turn it into Meredith, since that was my first bff... But Merida is enchanting.
    Blythe. I like Blythe. A little abrupt but more feminine than say Blair.
    Isolde. Confession time! I looked up how to say this a long time ago and never remembered it, and haven't gotten around to looking it up again. Just visually, it looks like "is old" which isn't exciting.
    Iris. Iris is nice! Flower name without being frilly.
    Elysia. Not sure. Sounds like a memory condition.
    Serenity. Ehh. Parents will need sense of humor during toddler and teenage years with that name.
    Annika. Gorgeous, exotic, but easy to say.
    Odette- kinda makes me think odor. Ondine I like better.
    Persephone. Never really got on the persephone bandwagon. Heck of a lot of name, sounds a little sinister or dark to me, don't know why.
    Verona. Not bad, Italy feel... But not wild about it. I could be swayed by a fantastic middle name combo tho...
    Soraya. Think psoriasis.
    Cordelia. Love her! Delia, Corey, cordy, you name it. Like the lilting end.
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee). No, doesn't look like a recognizable name.
    Pollyanna. Too much of the joke name when someone calls another a Pollyanna.
    Elowen. Really like this name, it's on my list too. Sometimes I waver bc it sounds like three initials said aloud.
    Valentina. Ok, little frilly for me
    Saffron. Love it in the middle, kinda like Vesper.
    Wren. Another nature name I like. Great one syllable name!
    Juniper. Juni! Too cute. Wonder how it ages into the thirties and beyond.
    Leah. Ok call me oblivious but I never know... Lee? Or lee-uh?
    Pearl. Very retro and hipster but not a bad thing. Prefer it balanced with something carefree and youthful, but not another word.
    Peony. Lovely flower, not so much for a name. Actually, I mean, really bad for a name.
    Astoria. Hotel? Seems a bit grandiose to be a random Surname given to a girl for her first name.
    Molly. Better than Martha, better than Susannah, but I always prefer it as a nickname for Mary, as it originally was.

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    Oh and also, must add, Molly is the drug that is getting a lot of press lately with the college aged crowd and can be kinda dangerous... A girl at a prestigious university in the South just died from an overdose last week, for example. Not the greatest timing for a molly.

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    Vesper--too religious, but also evocative of vapors and vipers and creepy things
    Illyria--don't like 'Ill'
    Merida--like it
    Blythe--dislike it
    Isolde--love it
    Iris--love it
    Elysia--prefer Alicia or Alesia
    Serenity--reminds me of funerals
    Odette--pretty French actress/artist
    Persephone--love it
    Verona--love it
    Cordelia--pretty, dramatic
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee)--eh
    Pollyanna--bad connotations, wouldn't be taken seriously
    Elowen--pretty enough
    Valentina--LOVE it
    Pearl--like the Janis Joplin connection
    Peony--sounds close to puny
    Molly--love it, but it's too connected with the party drug right now.

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    Susannah - very pretty!
    Annika - lovely
    Soraya - love this one! So pretty!
    Vesper - I love the sound of it, but it's very unusual. Might be hard to pull off
    Elysia - I like it
    Illyria - I love the sound!
    Juniper - super cute
    Wren - pretty
    Molly - pretty, but a bit childish
    Merida - pretty
    Iris - pretty
    Rosemary - nice

    Rosamund - okay
    Persephone - okay
    Leah - nice enough
    Pearl - nice
    Astoria - okay
    Cordelia - okay, I like it
    Verona - okay, I prefer Geneva and Genoa
    Saffron - meh, I prefer Caraway

    Blythe - bleh
    Valentina - sorry, but I really dislike this one. Like her brothers name should be Fabio and her sister should be Mercedes
    Serenity - bit too literal for me
    Martha - sorry, but I just don't love it. I know many, and it just feels dull to me.
    Odette - meh, this feels like a fake name to me, or at best a nn
    Ismerie (iz-mer-ee) - sorry, I don't like this one at all
    Elowen - I don't like the cadence of this one. It sounds like 'yellow one' or something to me
    Pollyanna - sorry, but I think it's sorta dumb. I love the name Polly though!
    Isolde - I sold
    Peony - pee on me
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    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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