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    Lightbulb Let's break it down...

    I have been mulling over these names for some time now. I would LOVE some of you to have a look and break things down for me. Your knowledge is endless in the name department and your opinions really do help. These are favorites with some newer names added so when the time comes to choose, we are well infomed. I did check all initials with our last name and no issues there. Thank you in advance for your assistance!!!

    Christian Donald (DH fn is Donald. His mn is his father's fn)
    Christian Wilhelm ( DH pretty set on Christian. Wilhelm honors my grandfather)
    Julian Francis (I have liked the name throughout my life. Francis to honor our Pope)
    Laszlo Ulryck (St. Ladislaus or Laszo- Polish saint. Ulryck a family name, though was spelled Ulrich)

    Girls: requirement-first name must be a Saint name
    Natalia Liliane (probably my favorite. Natalka Liliana so beautiful to me)
    Agnes Evangeline (Agnieszka we love. DH's mother is Eva)
    Juliette Sofia (adore Juliette with this spelling. Julita Zofia in Polish)
    Adela Gratia (may be least favorite. Feel like it flows, but something isn't right)
    Agatha Everild (refreshing and sweet..but again ? Maybe Gratia Everild?)
    Juliette Evangeline (1 of my absolute faves, but need berries to inform me of any information/connotations which may cause regret)
    Magdalen Heloise (Magdalen honors my mother & I just like Heloise with it)

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    I am not a big fan of the name Christian... To me, it is faith like Muslim or Jew or Buddhist and I wouldn't name a child any of those. I do like Christopher as an alternative. Christopher Donald and Christopher Wilhelm are both lovely but if your husband picks the first name, you should have the right to use the middle name to honor someone in your family.

    Julian is a great name and would be my first choice of names on your list. Laszlo is more unique but fits in with the current popularity of boys names ending in o - Leo, Theo, Arlo, etc. Ulrich is a another great name but I much prefer the original spelling to your made up spelling.

    I think I would go with Julian Ulrich and honor someone in the family rather than the Pope.

    Of your girls names, my favorites are Natalia Liliane and Juliette Sofia. If you use Juliette though, it rules out Julian for a future son. So if you have your heart set on using Julian if you get a chance then pass on Juliette. I prefer softer A names (like Alice and Amelia) so Agnes and Agatha don't appeal to me. Magdalen Heloise is pretty but I prefer Natalia.
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    You have some lovely name combos! I plan on using saint names as well for my future kids.


    Julian Francis
    Laszlo Ulryck - In primary school I had a boy in my class with this name

    Juliette Sofia
    Magdalen Heloise
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    With Christian, my preference is Wilhelm over Donald- despite the fact that my first thought is Kaiser Wilhelm, not a good association. Does anyone else instinctively react to Wilhelm this way? Anyway, I would prefer Christian William or Christian Willem. But, I always appreciate honoring special family members. Could also do Christian Donegal (which is where the name Donald comes from).

    My picks are: Julian Francis and Laszlo Ulryck. Is Laszlo "LAZZ-rhymes-with-jazz" or "LAHZ-rhymes-with-paws" ? I like the latter best. nn Lollo, Lollie, Lo, Zo, etc. Choosing between these might be difficult since one is much less common.

    Natalia Liliane - Beautiful. I love Natalka! I would use this as her given name! It's unusual, pretty and easily spelled or pronounced.
    Agnes Evangeline - I like this.
    Juliette Sofia - Like Juliette, but am tired of hearing Sofia despite its appeal.
    Adela Gratia - I agree this is the weakest of the bunch, combo-wise. Perhaps Adela Magdalen ?
    Agatha Everild - I'm not quite ready to embrace Agatha yet myself, but this is a romantic combination, I like it.
    Juliette Evangeline - The only thing about this lovely name is that it says "literature" to me, not "saints and history" like your other names. Does that make sense? Juliet(te) = Shakespearean character who committed suicide; Evangeline was first used for Wadsworth's sad Arcadian heroine, searching for her lost love.
    Magdalen Heloise - Surprised how much this appeals to me.

    So, my picks are: Natalka Liliane, Agnes Evangeline, or Magdalen Heloise.

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    I definitely prefer Christian Wilhelm to Christian Donald. It's very strong and handsome!
    Julian is excellent! Have you considered Julian Wilhelm or Julian Ulrich? Julian Wilhelm would be my favourite if it was an option for you
    I agree that Lazslo Ulrich is a lot better. However, I think you'll get a lot of pronunciation issues with Lazslo (unless you're intending to live in Poland?).
    Boys: favourite is Julian Wilhelm/Julian Ulrich; then Christian Wilhelm.

    Natalia Liliane is beautiful.
    I'm not a huge fan of Agnes myself; but I do love both Eva and Evangeline.
    Juliette Sofia is probably my favourite. I only know one Juliette and she is lovely! It's a very sophisticated, elegant name; but still fun, feminine and a bit cute. Love it!
    Juliette Evangeline: if it were me, I'd go for Juliette Eva. It's more 'honoring', and I actually think it's prettier!
    Adela Gratia is nice, but not as nice as some others you have here.
    Agatha Everild: lovely!
    Magdalen Heloise: Magdalen is beautiful; and there are so many nn options. I love it! WDYT of Magdalen Eva?

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