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    Help with nickname for Marguerite


    I'm due in about three weeks with a baby girl. My husband and I are set on her name. Her first name will be Marguerite, a name that I've loved my entire life. Her middle name will be Elise, mostly for the rhythm that it will give to her full name. Our last name (in my username) is a two-syllable Belgian name, with the emphasis on the second syllable. It sounds a little like Duh-smith.

    We've told our families and a few others about the name and we've received mostly positive feedback. The one thing that many people ask us, however, in response to hearing the full name is "what are you going to call her?" Although I hope that, for the most part, our daughter uses her full name, I also fully expect her name to be shortened at some point/various times into some sort of nickname. I understand that such a nickname may arise naturally, but there are some nicknames for Marguerite that my husband and I like much more than others and there are a few (Margie with a hard or soft g, Rita, Margot) that we either don't really like or are the names of children who are close to us. For that reason, we'd like to have her nickname in mind so we can steer our friends and family who want to know "what to call her" in that direction.

    The ones we like that most are:

    Maggie - My husband and I like this a lot, but I am slightly put off by its popularity--not so much by the popularity of Maggie, but the popularity of Maddie, which sounds so similar.
    Mae - We like this also
    Mimi - This is my favorite ---but my husband doesn't love it. It doesn't necessarily arise naturally from Marguerite, but I think that, with the combination of Elise, it works. Her name is going to sound very french, so a french nickname seems appropriate to me.
    Maisie- I like this, but less than the others. My husband seems to be ambivalent about it.

    Would love to get some opinions on the options in the form of a poll.

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    I think I like Mimi the best from your list. Also, what about Greta?

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    I love Maggie and Maisie from your list; however I'd also consider Daisy and Meg. Best of luck! You've chosen the most beautiful name.

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    Love Marguerite! And Mimi!!! Went to middle school with a girl who went by Mimi (and still does15 years later, so she must like it) and I've loved it since. It works for any M name. It's my favorite of the style (Gigi, Fifi, etc) by far.
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    Why not just tell them to call her Marguerite? In my experience, nicknames emerge on their own over time, based on personality, appearance, etc. You might be surprised what you come up with after you meet her!

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