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    Help us compromise on names!! what ideas do you have?

    My husband and I have just starting trying for a baby, I'm so excited and hope that in the not too distant future we will be naming our baby!! We have recently been thinking of names and found that maybe we don't like the same things! I think we're sorted with boys names we both like classic names like Freddie, Charlie and Bertie (although would name them Charles, Frederick and Albert if we went with any of them!)
    for girls it's much trickier
    I love lots of names, my favourites being

    and he likes

    help!! do you have any ideas that kind of merge the name style or any you particularly like that I should compromise on or work harder to keep?
    Our surname starts with an S and I can understand that Cecily/Cecilia may sound a bit SSSS like I just wanted to show you what we have to work with.
    Thanks xx
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