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Thread: Lilith

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    To be honest with you, before joining this website I had no idea about the biblical association to Lilith, taking into consideration my grandmother used to read us bible verses as bed time stories at nighttime and drag us to church every Sunday and special religious day.
    For me it is obscure enough to not connect it with any bad association, but I can only speak for me.

    btw if it counts I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

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    Lilith had been used a few times in stories as the name of a succubus.

    I like it written and how it sounds but wouldn't use it for that reason and what you mentioned above but its really up to you. Liliana is another option.
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    I've always thought it sounded like someone talking with a lisp or a stuffy nose...

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    I love the sound of Lilith. I think it's beautiful and mystical.
    (I also love the sound of Lucifer and wouldn't hesitate using it if I didn't fear my own mother would actually - not metaphorically - kill me.)
    I think Lilith is difficult to choose to use. The biblical association aside, Lilith is making quite an appearance in popular culture.
    The Lilith-fair is a very positive association but... the revival of Lilith named vampire/demon characters over the last couple of years in True Blood, Supernatural etc does bring the "evil" associations to the foreground.

    I think Lilith is probably better saved as a mn instead of a fn.
    You mentioned you don't necessarily like Lili- names. These names appeal to me
    on a similar level as Lilith and have a similar sounds are Meredith, Gwynith and Lillita.
    (If you aren't opposed to smoosh names Lilitha might be a good compromise between the happier Lilita and Lilith).
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    lexium I actually thought Lucifer was a beautiful, creative but unusable name at some point. Unlike you, the thought never even crossed my mind to actually use the name or utter outloud that I liked it. My family would probably try to have me exorcised for even mentioning it.

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