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Thread: Lilith

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    I like it from the mythological standpoint, but dislike the sound of it...-th names always sound lispy to me.

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    And what do you think of the feminist nature of the name. Personally, being a midwife, I love that but don't want it to be too feminist, if that makes sense?
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    I think Lilith is a neat name! Esspecially with the NN Lily, however, I agree with the above...the name can sound a little lispy and in mythology/folklore... the name is derived from a class of female Im not sure how wearable it is for a little girl.
    BUT, I do think that if you love a name enough, use it! I dont believe their are really any rights or wrongs when it comes to naming your child. Its all personal opinion.

    some other options you may like that can all have the NN Lily...

    Lilium ( type of lily flower)
    Eliana (NN could be Ellie or Lily)
    Lily (on its own is very nice!)
    Olivia or Olivianna (nn Liv or Lily! both super cute!)

    Good Luck!! =)

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    Honestly, I find Lilith's mythology quite interesting. I'm most familiar with the non-Biblical tale found in the Talmud (I believe) and find her demand of equality because she was made from dust, just as Adam rather admirable - the first feminist if you will. Of course the later curse, demonization, and revenge by killing off the children of Adam and Eve is deplorable. Despite all that, I think it's a lovely name.
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    I love it. I think it's a very pretty name and I wish it were used more often. Besides the mythology association, another thing to consider is that Lilith a well-known character from the TV shows Cheers and Fraiser. Both of these shows are off the air (meaning they aren't making any new episodes) and since you are from the UK it might not be something to worry about, but I wanted to mention it in case something like this would concern you.
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