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    first thoughts were Lucius, Lucian, Lucas.

    i guess one starting point for you could be to take a look at the Brazilian and the Northern Irish babyname rankings of the last years and see which names work in both cultures.

    aside from the cultural criterion, what else is important for you about the name? do you like classic names, uncommon names, family names?

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    kalaway - very creative options, liked the French type ones but I think I need something a bit more neutral, Jonas is really nice, but quite popular where we live!

    vc2013 - We are a religious couple, Christian, so we like Bible names, but we have been through them all and they don't wrk for us for a whole host of reasons. We really are open to anything although it needs to have a history of being used as a first name (not necessarily classic, but heard of), and we have ruled out family names on the basis of their being too much repetition in the family already. Honestly though, nothing is a deal breaker apart from pronunciation/spelling issues. The only thing we are clear on is avoiding anything too common, more unique, but not strange (I know that is a tough line to find)

    vegas - Ezra is quite nice!

    If you can folks, keep them coming, really enjoying the creativity and you are really helping us come up with a more creative and fuller list. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far!!

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    I've been really into Gustavo lately (been watching Breaking Bad) and it seems like that would fit the bill here perfectly. Part of the reason I love it is because it shortens to Gus, which would be perfect in NI or anywhere else, for that matter.
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    Agreed jenna, but unfortunately, we know a coupld only two months further on than us, and they have claimed Gustavo as their own, haha, so it is off the table!

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