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Thread: Twin Names

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    Is Aleigha pronounced like Aaliyah or Alia? Because I would personally say that pronouncing it like Aaliyah would be a huge, dumb mistake (because, you know, Leigh is pronounced like Lee). I don't care for any other name than Vincent. The first set + McKaya look like someone has tried to be just a little bit too yooneek and McKenzie (Mackenzie) and Marissa are not my style.
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    I dislike the spellings of Aleigha and Aleksia... I love the names though.

    I like Vincent, but I don't think it pairs well with McKenzie.

    Like Marissa, dislike McKaya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merrybells View Post
    Aleksia & Aleigha- These are too trendy for me. Aleksia seems like a misspelling of Alexia.
    Vincent & Mckenzie- I like Vincent but McKenzie really doesn't go with it.
    Marissa & Mckaya- Marissa is okay; I don't like McKaya. Is it pronounce McKaiya or McKaya (like the Kay sound in okay)?
    Mckaya is pronounced like the sound in okay!
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    I know 4 year old twins, Radley and Lincoln. They're not really my faves, but. they're good twin names.

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