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    How do you feel about these names?

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    Lark - cute name - especially for a middle name
    Mavis - not keen, prefer Maeve or Maris
    Clementine - love it!
    Paloma - love it!
    Lux - not keen at all
    Eulalie - reminds me of eulogy
    Liesl - quite like it
    Beatrix - love, love, love
    Eloise - prefer Elodie but really like Eloise too
    Gemma - very pretty but a little bit dated here - it was very popular in the early 90s

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    I love Gemma whether it is pronounced hard g or j I like both
    I love Lark, more for a mn.
    The others are not my style.

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    Lark - adore it! It's so quirky and cool. Probably my favorite bird name out there (although I love Wren, as well!).
    Mavis - meh. I don't like it at all, tbh. It feels very frumpy and old fashioned.
    Clementine - I like it, but probably would never use it. Unless I adopted a golden retriever. For some reason, I have always thought I'd name a dog Clementine if it was a girl.
    Paloma - I like it, but don't love it.
    Lux - I like it more than Lucy, and Luz, but in all likelihood, I'll never use it. I don't even know that I'd be excited about meeting a little Lux. It's a nice name; it just doesn't do anything for me.
    Eulalie - this is one of those that I think is cool in American English, but when it's put back in its original French perspective, it's just not as attractive at all. In French, it's pronounced oo-lah-lee, which I don't like anywhere near as much as you-lay-lee.
    Liesl - I love The Sound of Music, but I just can't get into Liesl. I love the original Elisabeth, though!
    Beatrix - love. I would only ever use it as a MN, and I'm not terribly keen on its nns (Bea, Betty/Betsy, and Trixie), but I do love it as a name, and have considered it as a middle several times!
    Eloise - I'm sorry; I'm just really sick of hearing Eloise. If I would have seen the appeal of it in the first place, I might be excited every time I see it on some Berry's list, but I hear Eloise bantered about everywhere, and I'm just so tired of it. I don't get it, and it seems overplayed. I like Elodie, Elise, and Louisa all much more.
    Gemma - I do like this, though. Gemma is sweet and so Italian/British, and really in style and fun. I would love to meet a little Gemma.

    Lark, Beatrix, and Gemma are my favorites.
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