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    Lark- okay for a middle name
    Mavis- not a huge fan. prefer Maeve or Maven.
    Clementine- like it a lot
    Paloma- not a huge fan. Makes me think of the jewelry designer Paloma Picasso.
    Lux- don't like it
    Eulalie- not a fan (reminds me of a ukulele)
    Liesl- could be cute but I wouldn't use it personally (I live in the US)
    Beatrix- love
    Eloise- so cute
    Gemma- like it a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandado86 View Post
    I didn't realize Eloise was so popular. Sucks when that happens to a name you've always liked. Boo.
    Well, it's only 364 or something. But it's jumped over 700 spots in 4 years. So that says something about how trendy it will be. I expect it to be top 10 within 10 years.
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    Lark - This is middle name material.
    Mavis - Reminds me of Mavis from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. She's a pretty good, interesting character.
    Clementine - Oh my darlin' Clementine. Or oranges, but I get why it appeals to Berries.
    Paloma - I love that this means "dove".
    Lux - Meh. This has an awkward sound to me.
    Eulalie - Eulalie McKeckney Shinn, the Mayor's Wife, from the musical The Music Man. She's hilarious and bombastic (in the 1960s movie, she was played by an actress named Hermione Gingold).
    Liesl - Tied to The Sound of Music, but very pretty.
    Beatrix - This is cool and offbeat. I think of Beatrix Potter.
    Eloise - Cute and spunky, like the little girl who pretty much runs the Plaza.
    Gemma - Elegant but cute and accessible. British actress Gemma Arterton is my first association.

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    My favorites from your list are Eloise, Lark (prefer in the middle though), and Clementine. I like Beatrix, Lux, and Gemma although I probably wouldn't use them myself.
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    Eulalie will most likely be our girls name ! Love when i see it getting some love! I'm finding many have a love/hate relationship with it on here!

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