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    Lightbulb Gracie <3

    I love the name Gracie... Nope, not Grace, just Gracie. I need middle name suggestions please! The other girl names I love are Ava Madeline (Madeline is pronounced Mad-uh-LINE), Emerson Juliet (nickname Emme, which is pronounced M-E. YES, it is for a girl), and Aubrey (needs a middle name also!). Middle name suggestions for Gracie and for Aubrey would be great! Thanks.
    ~ VegasCountryQueen.

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    I like Gracie on its own but then you need a serious middle.
    Gracie Evangeline
    Gracie Antingone
    Gracie Gwendolen
    Gracie Theodora
    Gracie Amandine

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    Those are all lovely.

    hmm how about
    Gracie Jane, Jade, James
    Gracie Louisa
    Aubrey Rae
    Aubrey Summer
    Aubrey Lynn

    Good luck!

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    I like your names. Aubrey is the only one that does not do anything for me.

    Gracie -- My style is to go with the traditional name as the given name and use the nickname -- but I realize many parents are liking the nicknames as given names, so why not?

    Gracie Emmeline
    Gracie Avalon
    Gracie Adelaide
    Gracie Primrose

    Also, why not Gracie Madeline or Gracie Juliet?

    Emerson has to be my favorite unisex name -- and I see it as working equally well for either sex. I love your middle name pairing for this.

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