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    Partner name for Rayna?

    The main female character in my story is named Rayna. She is part of a human resistance to an unknown force that seems to be taking over the planet. (Not too sure on all details about the apocolypse.) The main male character she meets is one of the humans that has been infected by whatever has been going around. He's tall, built (muscular), and a rebel. Mostly a I-don't-follow-the-rules-and-I-could-care-less kind of guy.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a name that would fit the male character and that goes well with Rayna. I've picked out a few, though I don't know if they sound well with Rayna. All of my picks are non-typical; mostly names that are very dated or futuristic. I'm open to suggestions, so please comment if you like the names or found new ones.


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    alchemicallypurplefairy Guest
    Hayes--I think this name would clash with Rayna.
    Beckette--The 'ette' is really girly. I would recommend Becket, or Beck.
    Cyrus--This name doesn't click, but I have nothing against it.
    Vance--Again, it doesn't click.
    Roman--It doesn't seem right, but it could work.
    Blaise--It sounds/looks kind of girly. If it's pronounced 'Blaze' then that is a horse name, not a human name. Maybe Blaine?

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    I like Vance best, off your list. Cyrus is good, too. What do you think of Cade?
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    personally,(this isn't on your list, btw) I like Deacon with Rayna. It seems to flow and I think it fits your criteria. Just my opinion.

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    Hayes - I don't think it flows with Rayna, competing "ay" sounds.
    Beckette - Why feminize it?
    Cyrus - I like this choice with Rayna.
    Vance - I like it as a standalone, but I don't think it flows with Rayna.
    Roman - Competing "R" sounds.
    Blaise - This sounds like a Pokemon trainer and I can't take it seriously.

    Names that I think flow and that I think match with your naming stye:
    Rayna & Carter
    Rayna & Verne
    Rayna & Jules
    Rayna & Oswold
    Rayna & Eric/Erik
    Rayna & Lucas
    Rayna & Karl

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