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    Ooh, nice names. Nicknames will sort themselves, whatever everyone's intentions - which is how Agnes ends up so frequently responding to bumpkin...
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    Quote Originally Posted by happymama1026 View Post
    Genevieve Grace

    This was our top girls name when I was pregnant with my son, as well. The only issue I am having is that now that my other two children are 7 and 5, we have let them be apart of looking at names and luckily both of them liked Genevieve but they both want to call her different nicknames. My son wants to call her Genna, my daughter wants to call her Eve, my husband wants to call her Gigi (which is why he fought for Grace to be the middle name lol), I think Genevieve is great without being shortened. My mother in law says she hates Genevieve and will call her Gracie (put my foot down because I am not very fond of Gracie) and my sister in law is saying she will call her Genny (which I told her I will call her daughter Julie if she does that and she hates Julie lol)

    I really dont want her to have 15 different names.

    So my questions are what do you think of the name? And how would you handle the nickname issue?
    I have a friend named Genevieve. Usually it gets shortened to either Gen or Gigi. I dont mind Genny either, if your sister wants to call her that then I say fine. Gracie is not an intuitive nn for Genevieve anyway so I doubt it would stick.
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    I think it's beautiful. I think the nickname issue will work out over some time. My kids usually had a handful of nicknames when they were babies but now my older daughters only have one or two (or none).

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    I think the combination is perfect. The fact that there are so many nickname options just makes it all the more perfect! i think Gigi or Jenny are your best bests! For the most part, you will end up calling her the nn you like best. That's usually the one that sticks! I have about 5 nn's but only one is used exclusively, and I love it!
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    Maybe you can all get together and vote? I would say you and your husband should get the final say, but if you come up with every nn for Ginny, and see which one wins when you vote. I wouldn't involve more distant family, though--just the people who live in your house. Everyone else will come around in time. If they try and call her another nn, you could say something along the lines of "Her name is Genevieve, not [Gracie]" or "We call her Evie". There are tons of Genevieve nns, though--I'm sure you could all agree on something! Genny, Genna, Gen, Evie, Neve/Niamh, Eve, Eva, Geneva, Vieve, Ginny, Gigi, etc. Ginny, Evie, and Niamh are my personal favorites, but there are many lovely ones to pick from. Good luck!
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