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    95% sure on girls name... WDYT?

    Genevieve Grace

    This was our top girls name when I was pregnant with my son, as well. The only issue I am having is that now that my other two children are 7 and 5, we have let them be apart of looking at names and luckily both of them liked Genevieve but they both want to call her different nicknames. My son wants to call her Genna, my daughter wants to call her Eve, my husband wants to call her Gigi (which is why he fought for Grace to be the middle name lol), I think Genevieve is great without being shortened. My mother in law says she hates Genevieve and will call her Gracie (put my foot down because I am not very fond of Gracie) and my sister in law is saying she will call her Genny (which I told her I will call her daughter Julie if she does that and she hates Julie lol)

    I really dont want her to have 15 different names.

    So my questions are what do you think of the name? And how would you handle the nickname issue?

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    I'm not a huge fan of alliteration, but Genevieve Grace is cute. I love the name Genevieve.

    As far as nicknames, don't worry. Either she'll get used to different pet names or (more likely) one or two names will become the common nicknames that everyone uses. When my niece was born my sister and her husband had two nicknames already selected, her in-laws had an entirely different one selected based on her middle name. Four years later everyone calls her by her full name or one nickname. It'll work itself out, i think.
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    Genevieve Grace is a lovely choice. The nickname issue will work itself out. As she grows and everyone comes to know her personality, some of the nicknames just won't suit her and only one or two (maybe three) will stick. Once your daughter is old enough to have a preference I'm sure that will help too.
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    Don't worry, she will pick the nickname she loves best for herself when she is older. My daughter has a ton of nicknames: Nell, Nelly, Nellster, Masha, Babe, Hermione, Cora, Lee...And she answers to all them, it just means your name is pretty perfect. All better than have a name of Ella with only option - Ellie.

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    As a person who is called by innumerous nicknames myself (my name is Mary Renee, so: Nay-nay, May, May-may, Mary, Renee, Mary-nay, Mary Renee, Mary, and any other combination my family happens to think of), I don't mind in least; I actually kind of like it. So your daughter likely will not mind being called Genna, Eve, Gigi, Genevieve, Gracie, and Genny. Though I can understand why you don't want her called Gracie & Genny (I'm not especially fond of Gracie, but Genny makes me writhe), it will be hard to prevent it. Don't change her name in any event, because Geneveive Grace is a beautiful name your daughter will be proud of, and undesirable nicknames are inevitable with any name (my mother has called each of my nephews Freddie for the first six months of their babyhood, despite the fact their names are Jonah & Declan). Good Luck! : )
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