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    Lightbulb Help with beautiful, evocative combos

    I was just reading through some other recent threads and some of you were coming up with amazing names and I would love it if I could have some help on mine, because I'm stuck!!

    I need some beautiful combos for my girls' list. Preferably two middles, although one would be fine. Also, suggestions would be wonderful

    Saskia - To me, Saskia is vibrant, lively and artsy. It reminds me of tropical flowers with hues of bright orange, pink and blue, and it just shines in my mind. I imagine a girl named Saskia to be tall with very dark hair and eyes, and she'd be creative and artistic, into things like music, photography and design. The name seems very crisp and defined to me, so in my mind Saskia is headstrong, intelligent and straightforward, but it also exudes a lovely, glowy warmth, and I'd like her middles to reflect those qualities.

    Bronwen - Bronwen makes me think of a fantasy ice queen, cutting a regal figure against a backdrop of crisp, freshly fallen snow. I see a Bronwen with very dark hair also, but she is less outgoing. She has an understated beauty and an air of quiet confidence, perhaps coming across a little cold at first but once you get to know her, she is warm and enveloping, like hot chocolate in the winter. I think at least one of her middles could reflect the warmth to contrast the wintery feel Bronwen gives off at first (to me, at least ).

    Aurelia - I see a girl named Aurelia as mostly keeping herself to herself - she is intelligent, bookish, and she knows what she wants and quietly goes about getting it. She has a slightly quirky, fun personality, and she is good at drawing and painting, although not many people would know that because she comes across as rather shy sometimes. I picture her with either blondeish or red hair, pale skin and dark eyes. The name feels very warm to me, like being bathed in sunlight - so I would imagine an Aurelia as having a similar air to that, able to light up a room without even realising it.

    I don't even know if any of that makes sense, but I'm hoping at least some of it does. :???:

    Some middles I have toyed around with are:

    But none of them seem to fit. So, help!!

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    I love Saskia, Aurelia, and Bronwen (in that order). Have you thought of the name Thalia? (Thal-ee-a). I think it totally matches into your 'type' of names.
    Some names I like:
    Saskia Maeve
    Thalia Maeve
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    Names I think go well with Bronwen: Alba, Aneira, Chione, Demeter, Eira, Eirene, Eirlys, Ermine, Estelle, Eurydice, Halcyon, Holly, Hulda, Io, Isolde,, Ivy, Lucia, Lucy, Lumi, Meredith, Orchil, Persephone, Selene, Seren, Willow.

    Bronwen Alba Persephone
    Bronwen Eira Persephone
    Bronwen Eirlys Lucia
    Bronwen Holly Eurydice
    Bronwen Isolde Estelle
    Bronwen Ivy Chione
    Bronwen Lucy Isolde
    Bronwen Lumi Persephone
    Bronwen Orchil Estelle
    Bronwen Selene Ermine
    Bronwen Willow Aneira
    Bronwen Willow Demeter

    Names I think go well with Saskia: Aeronwy, Angharad, Athene, Avalon, Brightwen, Charmian, Chloe, Chrysalis, Constance, Daphne, Elska, Ember, Emerald, Felicity, Freya, Garnet, Ianthe, Iris, Jasmine, Leocadia, Letitia, Loveday, Lyonesse, Maple, Melissa, Mulberry, Opaline, Persephone, Primrose, Ramona, Rosalind, Ruby, Sophia, Valentina.

    Saskia Chloe Charmian
    Saskia Daphne Ramona
    Saskia Daphne Rosalind
    Saskia Garnet Charmian
    Saskia Freya Rosalind
    Saskia Leocadia Ruby
    Saskia Loveday Jasmine
    Saskia Lyonesse Ramona
    Saskia Maple Ramona
    Saskia Melissa Ember
    Saskia Opaline Valentina
    Saskia Ramona Charmian
    Saskia Ramona Emerald
    Saskia Ruby Avalon
    Saskia Ruby Letitia

    Names I think go well with Aurelia: Amber, Briony, Caron, Celandine, Charis, Claribel, Clemency, Clementine, Daisy, Daphne, Elanor, Elska, Fern, Gilda, Giselle, Helena, Hermia, Hestia, Ina, Iris, Junia, Juno, Lavender, Melissa, Milla, Olivia, Peony, Philomena, Poppy, Prudence, Rosebay, Ruby, Soleil, Tullia, Vega, Verity, Willow, Xanthe, Yvaine.

    Aurelia Briony Melissa
    Aurelia Caron Celandine
    Aurelia Caron Lavender
    Aurelia Clementine Giselle
    Aurelia Daphne Giselle
    Aurelia Elanor Soleil
    Aurelia Elska Lavender
    Aurelia Iris Yvaine
    Aurelia Poppy Yvaine
    Aurelia Rosebay Lavender
    Aurelia Ruby Claribel
    Aurelia Vega Clemency
    Aurelia Verity Xanthe
    Aurelia Willow Celandine
    Aurelia Willow Philomena
    Aurelia Xanthe Lavender
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