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    How you posted them:

    -Elena Melusine
    -Rosalind Melusine
    -Eva Rosalind
    -Briony Cosima
    -Freya Rosalind
    -Leda Elodie
    -Eva Pomeline
    -Leda Romilly
    -Emma Melusine
    -Leda Rosalind
    -Eva Melusine
    -Freya Leontine
    -Leda Melusine
    -Eva Callista
    -Freya Morgana
    -Freya Melody
    -Callista Maris
    -Melody Aurora
    -Leontine Elise
    -Elena Melisande
    -Eliza Romilly
    -Alice Georgina
    -Ada Belphoebe
    -Alice Callista
    -Eva Romilly
    -Charlotte Aurora

    My ranking, from best to worst, with ratings of Love, Like, and Dislike

    1. Alice Callista - Love. Alice is a whimsical vintage name and Callista is pretty and has a nice meaning. I'm not sure how well they go together though...
    2. Freya Rosalind - Love. Freya is an enchanting, unexpected goddess name and Rosalind is pretty and underused.
    3. Callista Maris - Love. As I said, I love Callista and its sound...Maris I don't love on its own but it flows unexpectedly well with Callista.
    4. Charlotte Aurora - Love. Charlotte is a cool-sounding classic and Aurora is nice.
    5. Melody Aurora - Love. Both pretty, same style, go well together. But if I may, can I suggest Aurora Melody?
    6. Eva Melusine - Like. Eva is nice and they flow really well together.
    7. Eva Rosalind - Like. I think Eva Roslyn or Eva Rosalinda might be better though.
    8. Freya Melody - Like. I love both these names on their own but I don't think they combine very well.
    9. Alice Georgina - Like. I love Alice and I kind of hate Georgina, but they go together okay.
    10. Elena Melisande - Like. It's okay. Not a huge Elena fan though.
    11. Leontine Elise - Like. It sounds really elegant together but I'm not sure how I like Leontine on its own.
    12. Eva Callista - Like. Good names, strange combo.
    13. Elena Melusine - Like. It's okay.
    14. Rosalind Melusine - Like. It's okay.
    15. Eva Pomeline - Like. Eva is nice, and so is Eva Pomeline, but Pomeline is weird.
    16. Eliza Romilly - Dislike. They sound good together but I dislike both on their own.
    17. Eva Romilly - Dislike. Hate these together.
    18. Freya Morgana - Dislike. Love Freya, despise Morgana.
    19. Freya Leontine - Dislike. Does not pair well at ALL.
    20. Briony Cosima - Dislike. Would love this if spelled Bryony Cosima.
    21. Leda Rosalind - Dislike. Not a fan of Leda.
    22. Leda Melusine - Dislike. Ditto.
    23. Leda Elodie - Dislike. Ditto.
    24. Leda Romilly - Dislike. Ditto.
    25. Emma Melusine - Dislike. Emma is way too popular for my taste and does not go with Melusine at all.
    26. Ada Belphoebe - Dislike. This honestly may be my least favorite name ever. I find both Ada and Belphoebe weird, clunky, and unattractive. Do not like.

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    I like so many of the names on your list. Rosalind, Cosima, Pomeline, Alice, etc., but some of the combos just sound a bit awkward to my ear. Here are my favorites:
    Eva Pomeline - Pomeline is a bit of a guilty pleasure name for me. I love it so much, but it just doesn't have that much substance for me. However, it's wonderful in the middle spot and with the strong yet dainty Eva in front, it's rather magical. Eva sounds so good with pretty much anything in the middle. I also love Eva Rosalind (this one almost won out) and Eva Melusine. Eva Morgana and Eva Cosima would also be nice. These are all at the top of my list for you, but I felt that I had to pick one.
    Ada Belphoebe - I love the balance of this name. Belphoebe is a big name and Ada both lets it shine and adds a stabilizing earthy element. Truly great.
    Freya Leontine - I really like the sound of this and how strong it feels. She's a beautiful warrior princess to me!
    Leda Melusine - This is sweet and melodic.
    Callista Maris - Individually, neither of these names are my favorite. However, something about the combo really works
    Honorable mention: Briony Cosima - if spelled Bryony, it may have been in 4th or 5th place. Quite lovely.

    Elena Melusine - This feels a bit ornate to me
    Rosalind Melusine - I don't like the -d and M- next to one another for some reason
    Freya Rosalind - Too much 'r'
    Leda Elodie - I love Elodie, but only when it's pronounced the French way. Lots of 'l' and 'd' here
    Leda Romilly - Romilly is not my favorite, but it flows
    Emma Melusine - Prominent 'm'
    Leda Rosalind - Prominent "d'
    Eva Callista - Feels a little frilly
    Freya Morgana - Freya Leontine is better
    Freya Melody - Feels disjointed to me - bit of a clash of styles maybe?
    Melody Aurora - Feels too modern princessy
    Leontine Elise - Ornate sounding
    Elena Melisande - I actually quite like this, but it too feels quite fancy
    Eliza Romilly - This totally works, but it's not as much my style
    Alice Georgina - This also works, but I just can't find love for Georgina
    Alice Callista - Don't like the way these two names sound together
    Eva Romilly - Again, this works, but I don't love it
    Charlotte Aurora - Feels very a la mode and princessy
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