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    Elena Melusine--I see Elena as kind of a filler mn, but it's pretty.
    Rosalind Melusine--vintage
    Eva Rosalind--prefer Ava
    Briony Cosima--names don't go well together
    Freya Rosalind--ditto
    Leda Elodie--unexpected, pretty
    Eva Pomeline--prefer Ava, not sure about Pomeline...kind of sounds like an old-time hair product
    Leda Romilly--eh
    Emma Melusine--Emma is boring to me
    Leda Rosalind--lovely
    Eva Melusine--eh
    Freya Leontine--strong, but not very attractive
    Leda Melusine--bad combo
    Eva Callista--Ava-Lucia Calista?
    Freya Morgana--names don't go well together
    Freya Melody--ditto
    Callista Maris--not bad
    Melody Aurora--Lyra Aurora?
    Leontine Elise--not a fan
    Elena Melisande--reverse them, and you've got something...
    Eliza Romilly--eh
    Alice Georgina--unattractive
    Ada Belphoebe--ditto
    Alice Callista--Calista Alise?
    Eva Romilly--eh
    Charlotte Aurora--prettiest use of Charlotte I've seen!

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