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    Freya Rosalind
    Ada Belphoebe
    Callista Maris
    Elena Melisande
    Alice Callista

    If Alice Georgina had been Alice Georgiana, it would have been #2 or #3.
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    Because you re-use many of the names I figured I'd comment on them outside of the combos first and then list my favorite combos below.
    Melisande, Maris, Melusine, Romilly are absolutely nms. (I wish I could explain why I dislike these three but I can't… it's just one of those things).
    Rosalind - she's so solid and romantic. medieval-beauty.
    Briony - nms but charming in an awkward sort of way.
    Cosima - fun and jazzy.
    Melody - I prefer Elodie.
    Aurora - I love Aurora. It's one of my favorite names and the only one on my list that I actually have a mn picked out for. I'm a little sad to see it only in second place for you.
    Freya & Morgana - are both stunning and distinguished and powerful. great choices.
    Leda - excited she's found her way onto someones list.
    Alice, Georgina, Elena, Eva, Eliza, Elise, Emma and Charlotte - these are all beautiful names. I like Alice, Elena, Elise and Charlotte the best but they are a bit plain in comparison to some of our other choices.
    Ada - Ada is beautiful. I don't usually love three letter names but I'm happy to make an exception for Ada and Ida both of which have this beautiful old charm and simplicity that makes them quirky and elegant all at once.
    Belphoebe - fun and beautiful!
    Elodie - I adore Elodie. She reminds me whimsical music and varies.
    Callista - I know a Callista and she's such a wonderful teen. The name is so underused it's a brilliant option choice.
    Pomeline & Leontine - I really like both of these. I prefer Leontine over Pomeline a bit but both a great.

    My favorite of your combos:
    1) Ada Belphoebe - absolute perfection. If you don't mind I'd love to write it down for the future.
    2) Leda Elodie
    3) Freya Leontine
    4) Leontine Elise
    5) Callista Maris (only made the list because Callista is so fabulous)

    A few suggestions of my own if you are open to them:
    1) Aurora Rosalind
    2) Callista Pomeline
    3) Morgana Elise
    4) Alice Leontine
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