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    Sibling names for my main characters :)

    Hello everyone,
    I am writing a short story for my creative writing class, it's a family drama and seen through the eyes of a young girl. I won't say much about the plot because it's very complicated . I'll just give you a description of those three characters and the names I was thinking of. Please give me your opinion on those names or suggest a name yourself.
    PS. The last name of the family is 'Garland' and the story is set in the 90s.


    Character 1: Girl (19). Half sister of character 2 & 3. Oldest child, responsible, hard working and intelligent. She studies English and Journalism. She is beautiful and has big greenish eyes. Her hair is light brown, short and wavy. She has a pale skin with a few freckles. I was thinking of Violet, Phoebe and Alice.

    Character 2: Boy (16). Half brother of character 1, real brother of character 3. He is smart but doesn't care much about school. He has a great sense of humor and loves music more than anything in the world. He plays in a band as a guitarist. His dirty blonde hair is always curly and out of control, he is tall and thin. Oh, and he is blind. I was thinking of Conor, Miles, Mason, Holden and Colin.

    Character 3 (Main character): Girl (13). Half sister of character 1 and real sister of character 2. She is, just like her siblings, intelligent. She is what you call a dreamer. She is kind of awkward and has trouble making friends, but she doesn't really mind, she likes being on her own and creating people and stories inside her head. She is very creative and loves reading and painting. She has wavy white blonde hair and big blue eyes, she is very pale and has lots of freckles. She is very tall and thin. I was thinking of Lily, Allison, Eden, Zoë and Lucy.

    Thank you so much!

    PS. I apologize for my English, it's not my first language

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    Character One: Definitely not Violet. She doesn't seem like a Phoebe, with her being hard working and all. My favorite for her is Alice.
    Character Two: Not Conor. Maybe Miles. I think of Mason as a girl name. Holden is too dorky. Colin is good.
    Character Three: Lily is good. Allison, maybe if she had a nickname. Not Eden. Not Zoë. Maybe Lucy, but I think of Lucy as a popular know-it-all.

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    This story sounds interesting.

    Character One: I like both Violet and Phoebe, though perhaps Phoebe a little more.
    Character Two: Definitely Holden.
    Character Three: Zoe

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    Character 1: All three are lovely names and suit the character, but she would be a child of the 70's and they would be unlikely choices for those times. Ideas; Rosie, Steffi, Carlie, Jennifer, Rachel, Rebekah

    Character 2; Connor, Colin and Miles yes. But again the other 2 are names of "now", not 1980 ish when he was born. Ideas; Jonathan "Jonty", Marcus, Christopher, Charlie, Corey, Chad

    Character 3; I like your choices, Lily being my favourite for her. She also sounds like ; Olivia, Sorrell, Kate

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    Character one: I like Violet out of your choices. Some ideas I liked were
    Ashley, Rebecca nn Becca, and Isabel

    Character 2: Mason is definitely my favorite! I also like
    Levi, Owen, and Elijah.

    Character 3: Lucy is my favorite for her by far! It's pretty and old fashioned. Lily is really pretty to me. Charlotte would be nice for her but I think Lucy is my favorite out of anything
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