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    Thanks for your input ladies (and gentlmen?). I think we will end up with a list of 'Gwen names' to take to the hospital with us. I'm open to other middle name ideas, so need to keep thinking about that.

    Ottilie - going hunting is exactly what this feels like, haha. Thank you for all the suggestions! I will show them to Tim when he's in a good mood.

    Gwen (I hope you don't mind me using your name instead of your username!) Thank you for sharing your personal experience, it's given me something to think about I have never actually met anyone name Gwendolyn, or a Guinevere either for that matter.

    Victoria - You're right men are weird, haha. Okay maybe not weird but most of them sure have different ideas from women when it comes to naming. Some of my extended are Welsh so I'm a little worried about the en, yn ending thing but personally I like the yn ending better. Maybe I should make a poll about it.

    Who knows it could end up being a boy and all this worry could be for nothing! I booked my c-section date in today so I have a 10 week deadline now, unless baby arrives early that is
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    Gwendolyn or Gwendoline would be my picks. Not really into any of those middles you mentioned but its your list. Looking at other posters favourites etc here are some suggestions: Gwendolyn Cassilda, Gwendolyn Odette, Gwendoline Emily.
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    I vote Gwendolyn Ruth as well.
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    I slightly prefer Gwendolyn over Gwendolen too - so it's not weird at all.
    I also like Gwenhwyfar (though I guess that spelling is a bit more difficult), Gwenore, and Otter's suggestion of Genevera.

    With your other girls names Gwendolyn Faith is beautiful and would go so perfectly with Elizabeth Hope and Annabelle Cadence.
    I also like Gwenhwyfar Helen and Gwenore Harriet.

    Good luck finding a Gwen you and your hubby both like.
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    Gwendolyn Ruth is very pretty (or Gwendolen Ruth). I like it with your other girls' names, and I'm also in the camp that thinks Guinevere is a pretty name but she's a bit too tragic for me to put in the first name spot. It looks like my hubby and I may call a truce on a Gwen name, too! Classy and strong. Good luck!

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