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    Ah-ah-ah! Names that don't end in 'a'.

    I'm due with #3 in May Team green this time around, so two sets of names are needed. The boy's name is pretty set, since forever ago when DH and I randomly talked about if we ever had another boy, but the girl name....

    Different story. Also, I don't want the girl name to end in 'a'. It might not be as rhymy as I think (or maybe it is), but still. The boy name breaks the 'a' chain, I want the girl name to, as well. I was wondering if my fellow berries had any suggestions?

    I already like: Sadie, Phoebe, Hadley, Caroline.

    Can't use: Felicity

    Open to pretty much all types of names. I like seeing the different styles.

    Thank you anyberry who replies!

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