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    Ah-ah-ah! Names that don't end in 'a'.

    I'm due with #3 in May Team green this time around, so two sets of names are needed. The boy's name is pretty set, since forever ago when DH and I randomly talked about if we ever had another boy, but the girl name....

    Different story. Also, I don't want the girl name to end in 'a'. It might not be as rhymy as I think (or maybe it is), but still. The boy name breaks the 'a' chain, I want the girl name to, as well. I was wondering if my fellow berries had any suggestions?

    I already like: Sadie, Phoebe, Hadley, Caroline.

    Can't use: Felicity

    Open to pretty much all types of names. I like seeing the different styles.

    Thank you anyberry who replies!

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    Guysish (like Hadley):


    Nicnamey (like Sadie)


    If you like Sadie, Phoebe, Hadley, and Caroline, why don't you have a name yet? I've noticed that some people like to "collect names", but at some point you'll have to decide. Sounds to me like your favorites aren't convincing enough. Interesting.

    The only name that you like that really irritates me is Sadie. If sounds just like "say-d (the letter)". It's never sounded like an attractive name to me. It's not my opinion that matters though.

    Your favorite names suggest that you favor the "eeeee" sound. Anything that ends in that should be fine for you.

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    I'm barely 5 weeks along, so I'm just browsing, that's all. I don't have all future names planned. Of course I'm not set or convinced on anything yet. I just found out. Right now, yes, I do want to collect names to present to DH, eventually. It's his turn to make the list and my turn to choose from it. So, I'll give him some ideas to see if he'll like them enough to put them on there. I try to keep his style in mind and compromise with it. Of course I'll have to decide. But, I have a while still, and I don't have to commit to a girl's name yet. I just prefer to start looking earlier.

    But thank you for your suggestions. Vivian was a nice suggestion.
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    Hadley is my fave with classic Caroline or Catherine following. Have fun choosing!
    Leo Konstantyn 9-10-14

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    There are a lot I'd only list some you may like, sorry for no ABC order.

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