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    Obviously, I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't think it worked. It has "sal" right in it, and has the "lee" sound at the end! It may not have the same exact sound, but neither does Evie for Evelyn (EE-vee; EV-eh-linn). I think it's fine, and I don't think there could really be a more perfect pair than Beatrice and Rosalie, nns Betty and Sally! They just have a perfect symmetry to them.
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    I think it's clever, but not my style. I like Sally and Rosalie but not together. I think it will change the way people pronounce Rosalie. Rosalie is normally pronounced Roe-suh-lee, and now they'll call her Roesally which is not really very pretty.(Keep in mind people are often dumb; someone recently complained she couldn't figure out why her friend Katherine also called herself Kate and Katie!) I would use Rosalie with out a nickname. It's not really that long. I prefer Salma or Salome if you don't like Sarah.
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    I think it is too much of a stretch because the "sal" part of Rosalie is not the part of the name that is emphasized. In fact, when you say Rosalie, the "sal" ends up sounding more like "zul" so you can't even really hear the connection.
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    I don't think it's a stretch at all. I like that it's less obvious than Rose, Rosie, or Rosa.

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    I would never have picked it. It's a bit of a stretch but could work. Rosalie is such nice name, but I really dislike Sally.

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