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Thread: cute or cruel?

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    catloverd Guest
    Are you going to call him Thomas or Rex, it's not cruel if you use Thomas, but if you plan on doing Rex, making his initials T. Rex (instead of Thomas R.), then it's cruel

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    he would be going by Thomas. eurgh, hubby just pointed out that due to our last name (another 3 letter r word) the name rex is pretty much unusable. crud.

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    Cute! What little kid doesn't want to run around yelling "I'm a T. rex, no really I am," I know I did!
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    I think it is fine. Most people will see his name as Thomas R. ____ as opposed to T. Rex ____, and I agree with what a previous poster said about him thinking it is a great nn when he is a boy

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    While it might not be too big a deal since most people won't see it or just see it as an initial, your kid will still see it and know what it is. Also, middle names hacve a habit of showing up as full names if they're short enough. I have a 4 letter middle name and it shows up in it's full form maybe half the time. And kids, once they're old enough, love comparing middle names, and this sort of thing I've noticed goes into even teenagehood. And trust me, you're not the only people clever enough to figure out the T. Rex connection. And if Thomas somehow manages to avoid being bullied, he's still going to know that his own parents named him T Rex, which might be awesome when he's 4, not so awesome when he's 14, and the cause of his therapy at age 24.

    I vote for cruel.

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