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Thread: Ella or Bella?

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    I think Ella is the more obvious nickname for Eliana/Elissa.

    Especially since she already has two different names, her legal name and her Hebrew one. I wouldn't start mixing it up with Bella in there too.
    Ella Bella around the house is fine, but I wouldn't add Bella in a "fourth" name if you will.

    Elissa, Eliana, and Ella are just fine. I'd start correcting family on the pronunciation, and start teaching your daughter to do the same as she matures. There's nothing more correcting than a little girl saying sweetly, but firmly, "No, it's not -blank- it's -blank-."
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    Thanks for the opinions, I think once she is old enough and starts correcting the in-laws it may stick better. I wouldn't start calling her Bella myself(I actually prefer Ella but just slightly) but think its nice that she could choose the nickname for herself one day if she preferred it. I love names that have many nicknames, so a person could choose what suits them best.
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    I vote for continuing to call her Eliana.... but Ella if I have to pick, I strongly prefer Ella or Ellie

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