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Thread: Ella or Bella?

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    Ella or Bella?

    Our daughter has a legal name (Elissa)and a Hebrew name (Eliana) We have used Eliana since she was a baby because it fir her better but with the intention of using Ella as a nickname since it worked for both and she could choose which long form to use when she was older. I even put Ella on her birth announcement but everyone just calls her Eliana. The problem is that several family members are still mispronouncing the name after 3 years as Eel-ee ana and I hate that pronunciation. I have tried correcting them many times. I have always called her my little Ella Bella and think its a sweet nickname. As she gets older and enters school I figure she would use Ella, but I am wondering if you think Bella works for Eliana Beatrice. I'm not saying I am changing it to Bella (not wanting to confuse everyone) just curious about if you think it would work as a nickname since I really like names
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    Personally she already has had a kind of name change-I would be correcting my family and friends not changing her name
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    I like Eliana better as it stylistically falls into the list of names I like.
    I prefer Ella (aesthetically), but honestly as her middle name starts with B, Bella isn't too much of a stretch. Both actually tie for me as I love that Bella means beautiful.

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    There's so many little girls named Isabella, so that combined with Twilight make me not like Bella. Plus, her name is Eliana so Ella makes more sense to me. That being said, there's a lot of little Ellas too! Not sure how you feel about a "popular" nickname. Before my daughter (Ellison) was born I thought I wanted to call her Ella, but we call her Ells or sometimes Elli. She's just not an Ella.

    I think Eliana is beautiful and would get everyone to say your daughter's name the right way instead of shortening it! I don't think it's a hard name to say (if you are pronouncing it like I would!). My husband and I both love that name, and we almost never agree on names. If it wasn't so close to Ellison we would use it for another girl!

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    All this time I had wondered if her name was still Elissa but you were just calling her Eliana... I don't know why it didn't occur to me that Eliana was her Hebrew name, lol. (I feel like I made an epiphany here!)

    I do think Bella could work, especially as her MN is Beatrice. I probably wouldn't try to enforce anyone calling her Bella (although I would continue to correct those who say ee-lee-ah-nah!), but if you want to call her Bella, why not? Bella's adorable (albeit super popular and quite trendy! Although that doesn't bother me terribly; I'd love to have a little Bella!). If it catches on, it catches on. She has so many lovely options with both Elissa, and Eliana (and even Ella, and all the other nns she could have!). Besides, you've already been calling her Ella Bella, so using just Bella is shortening it from there. I know someone (actually a member on here, haha!) whose name is Shannon, but her mom calls her Belle. I think Bella makes a lot more sense for Eliana Beatrice than it does for Shannon!
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