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    I love a lot of -tina names. Here's what I've got for you:

    Aleftina -- "very beautiful" -- it's a new discovery for me and I think it is very beautiful
    Alhertina -- noble
    Augustina -- august, dignified -- love this one
    Bettina -- God is perfection, God is my oath
    Caritina -- funny
    Celestina -- heavenly, of the sky -- love this one too
    Christina -- Christian woman
    Constantina -- steadfast, constant
    Coventina -- the goddess of wells and springs
    Doruntina -- Albanian legend name
    Egbertina -- bright sword
    Eglantina -- wild rose -- I sort of like this one a lot
    Faustina -- lucky, auspicious -- love it
    Florentina -- blossoming, flourishing
    Giustina -- fair, just
    Juventina -- youth
    Ketina -- child
    Leontina -- like a lion -- love this one too
    Libitina -- she who is wanted
    Martina -- war like
    Ontina -- an open minded woman
    Orestina -- mountain dweller
    Otina -- fortunate woman
    Pristina -- unspoiled
    Quintina -- fifth born daughter
    Serotina -- dusk
    Tenestina -- bandage
    Utina -- my country
    Valentina -- healthy, strong
    Xantina/Zantina -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Here is what nameberry comes up with when you search for names that contain Tina. The most usable ones have already been suggested. I really love Bettina and Martina.
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