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    Thank you all for the feedback! You have gotten by baby naming wheels churning. I'm not sold on Astoria and haven't even had time to discuss it with the mister but its nice to know many of you like it. As far as a middle name for Story, I now have a list of ten or so based on many of your suggestions. I will probably post another poll soon.

    Also, thank you for the compliments on name Ever Soleil. She is quite the magical little three year old

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    I quite like the alliteration of Story Seraphine.

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    I love the name Story for a little girl. I really like Story Juliette
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    I really like Story Seraphine and one person's suggestion of Astoria Vesper. I want to add Story Lucille. Ever Soleil and Story Lucille. OMGoodness! Exquisite!
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    I think Soleil is a pretty romantic name. So here are some romantic names to go with Story (I put a lot of Greek in there because your husband is Greek, and you've already used a French name. Two French names could result in a theme and I don't know if you'd like that.)

    My favorites are in bold:

    Story Persephone
    Story Araminta
    Story Estelle
    Story Noelle
    Story Selena
    Story Arielle
    Story Calypso
    Story Elysia
    Story Luciana
    Story Artemis
    Story Althea
    Story Calliope
    Story Halcyon
    Story Lorelei
    Story Cassandra - Romantic, Greek but also used in France, so its a win win.
    Story Aurora
    Story Odessa/Odyssea (oh-diss-ee-ah) (The Odyssey, Greek epic saga)
    Story Ithaca/Illyria
    Story Odette
    Story Ophelia - Romantic like Juliette, but, you know, more Greek.
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