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    McKenna, Makenna, Mackenna?

    When I was younger, I loved the name McKenna, after meeting one who was absolutely the sweetest girl I've ever met, and it left me with a great impression of the name! However, I've read a lot of things saying it's a terrible name (and likewise with Mackenna and Makenna, yet Mackenzie/Mackynzie and McKinley seem to be praised)

    • What do you think of the name McKenna?
    • What spelling would you use; Mackenna, McKenna or Makenna?
    • Is the name too 'chavvy' (think British ghetto)?
    • Is it a suitable name for a little girl?

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    I like McKenna; it stands to me as a stronger and sweeter choice rather than Mackenzie (an overused name I always thought sounded like only a little brat would have). The name variations don't take anything away from the name, in my opinion, other than maybe an Irish connotation brought forth by the "Mc" spelling. Would you call her Kenny for short? I think it's rather cute-- maybe boyish, but since McKenna ends with an A, a masculine nickname might be nice!

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    My favorite is Mackenna. I don't think this will be the most popular spelling though.

    McKenna looks last name-ish (to me) and I just prefer Mack- names to Mak- names.

    Whilst it is not my cup of tea in regards to naming, I do think it is perfectly usable on a little girl. The reason being I see no difference between McKenna and Mackenzie and they seem to be popular names so I would deem them usable.

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    What do you think of the name McKenna?
    I don't personally like this name, but I think there are names far worse.
    What spelling would you use; Mackenna, McKenna or Makenna?
    If I had to pick, I would choose the Makenna spelling. I don't like an extra capital letter thrown in the middle of names and Mackenna looks a bit bulky.
    Is the name too 'chavvy' (think British ghetto)?
    I wouldn't call it too 'chavvy' (or bogan, as we say here in Australia) just yet, but I think it will end up sounding that way.
    Is it a suitable name for a little girl?
    While I wouldn't personally use this name, I think there are far worse names you could use.
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    I know the last name McKenna, so that's the one I prefer of the options. It's an ok name, not to my taste but much better than many others like it (McKinley, kenzie, etc). With most last names as first names on girls, I prefer it to be somewhere in the family lineage, but I wouldn't think it was chavvy.

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