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    Change table or dresser with mat?

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    Well, I guess I'm not the best person to answer as I'm currently 26 weeks preggo with number one too! But I did just get most of the nursery done so I figured I'd chime in anyway, because we did spend time on this particular issue. We have decided to go with a dresser with a mat on top - for a few reasons. One: the nursery we are using is pretty small and so is the house we're currently living in - we just don't have much room for a separate changing table too. But two: I asked a number of mommy-friends and the over-whelming response I got was that a changing table doesn't get used very often. It makes sense really - you'll have to change baby (on average) 6-10 times a day, how many of those times are you going to want to go all the way upstairs (for us anyway) to the nursery? Probably not often, you'll just lay baby down wherever and change the diaper right there. So I registered for a couple of "travel" changing kits with fold-up changing pads that you can throw down just about anywhere, but that's it really. Example of what I registered for:

    But then again, as with anything, a lot of this is personal preference and whatever you're going to happen to feel comfortable with. So a lot of it will be play-by-ear once baby arrives. I wanted to get the nursery done since I'm closing in on starting the third Trimester and I know I'm only going to become more and more tired and miserable and I didn't want to have to stress about it by the end... but a lot of it right now is just guessing and I won't know what's really going to work and what I'm really going to use/not use, like/dislike until she actually gets here. Good luck!

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    We have a dresser with changing pad. Seemed to make the most sense and eliminate an "extra" piece of furniture.

    And I'll second cvdutch: especially if you live in a two story home, have a little changing station (supplies, travel pad) set up on the level away from the nursery changing area. (Helpful all the time, but especially when I was told no stairs right after delivery!)
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    Change table top on dresser at comfortable standing height. If you think of how many times you will be changing nappies and/or clothes, you don't want to be stooped over a bed, couch or the floor every time. Having the change area on top of the drawers means that fresh clothes are always at hand for those unexpected times.

    Travel kit is handy too.

    Extra tip: I stocked up on a load of plain white hand towels (from Ikea) and used them as 'liners' for the change mat; keep the pile of fresh ones in the drawers under the change area. They are handy as 'burp cloths' too.
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    We have a dresser with a mat. Saves space, and saves money (already had the dresser), and it suits us just fine. A shelf above stores extra wipes and diapers.

    My daughter is only 3 months, so as she gets bigger we might need extra safety measures, but I'm assuming as she's never unattended it's just as safe as a changer.
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