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    I started reading here for my daughter when she was expecting and I think about having a child! HA I am 52 (53 in a few) and still not going through the change, so it could happen. Yikes!

    Better stick to playing the games and naming my imaginary orphanage! LOL

    I think I am normal therefore you (being the correct age) have to be super normal.
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    I'm the same way! I'm 20, in school, and don't even have a boyfriend! For me it's not nameberry so much as it is the amount of pregnant women and babies and toddlers I know. My job as a nanny helps somewhat, but the desire is still there. So often I read "get a pet, that will help with the baby fever, because then you have something to care for and love" but I have multiple pets and it doesn't help me at all and I still want a baby! Now to find a boyfriend, marry him and have kids. . . (and I guess finishing school would be good too. . .)
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    I'm 23 (nearly 24), and I get that way, too. I also work at a family-oriented tourist attraction, so I go between really wanting babies to not wanting kids at all. I do love interacting with children, but I worry about how good a mother I would be. I'm not in the right place for a kid yet, though. So yeah, this is pretty normal, even biological.

    I confess that sometimes I feel weird about it because I'm interested in feminist and gender studies topics, so I sometimes feel weird for liking and wanting kids because apparently, not wanting kids makes you more empowered or whatever. Whoever thought of that hasn't met my mother. Or most mothers, actually.

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    It's totally normal to start getting the baby itch in your twenties. It's just a normal biological reaction to all the hormones your body produces when you are fertile. It only gets worse! But, luckily women in our society know enough now to be able to at least attempt to plan our families, so just because your body wants a baby doesn't mean your brain has to acquiesce. If I had listened to my hormones, I would have had about 3 or 4 kids by now. I've been married a while and we made the conscious decision to delay having kids until we had spent a lot of time nurturing our own marriage (and having a lot of childless fun!). Now our lives are about to change for the better, I think, but I also know that the days of staying out all night, sleeping in every weekend, traveling on a whim, etc are pretty much going to be over. So I'm glad I had my early 20s with all that freedom.
    I think baby names are one way that we can channel those maternal feelings when the time is not right in real life (no stable partner, shaky finances, having growing up to do). Sure, you can be a good parent without having those things, but it certainly makes it a lot harder. So name away, but enjoy your 20s!

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    I think it's totally normal. I'll pass on some good advice I got many years ago from a woman I babysat for. Get your education, travel, get in to a stable relationship, then have kids. I earned my degree, traveled, and married. I worked for several years, and then we had our first child. Keep your name lists, see if your tastes change over time, and remember that your partner gets a say in the naming. Compromise is part of naming

    Have a great future!


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