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    nameberry makes me think about having children

    This site is very fun for me, but sometimes I get a little concerned with my though process. Inevitably when I go on here it makes me start thinking about having kids and "oh maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if I got pregnant"...except it would be a terrible time for me to get pregnant lol. I'm 21, in school, currently on meds that can harm fetuses, don't make much money etc. Does anyone else have this problem? Not that I'd actually try to get pregnant, but these thoughts kind of freak me out. As a child, names were more of a hobby but now I can't help but think about naming babies. Am I normal?

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    I think that's normal for most women who know they want children but also know that they need to wait because they want financial stability for those children, and completing education before having babies will make that happen sooner, in the long run. As a pharmacist, I went through 8 years of college poor and in a stable relationship just waiting waiting waiting until I was finally licensed with a steady career. Sometimes I really wanted kids and then a few weeks later I'd party with my friends and think about how much I really still enjoyed my freedom.

    So enjoy being childless while you can. Go dancing or whatever you like...activities that you can't do as easily with a baby. If Nameberry really makes you crave children, you can always take a little break. Keep your eyes on the prize...children AND financial stability. The complete package.
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    Oh yeah. I'm 20 and think about it all the time. I don't think it has much to do with this site though. I love kids and know that I want to have a bazillion once I'm ready.. Ready meaning I'm done with school and am making a good enough living to support another human being. But it's definitely hard sometimes... especially because I am already with the man I want to have my children with. It makes "my time of the month" a bittersweet event, haha. I love me some babies.
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    Oh god this happens to me so often. I'm in the worst possible position to have a baby right now, but it doesn't mean I'd be heartbroken if it happened. I'd actually secretly be a little happy, even if it would make an already difficult financial situation even more difficult. You're totally normal though, don't worry!
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    Yeah that's normal. I have a life backup plan in case I get knocked up or something, because I know I'd actually be thrilled.
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